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  1. chief775

    Parting Out 86 JS550

    Selling the 550 stuff to build my superjet I have a JS550 parting out clean title for hull quick steer plate jetsport intake oceanpro ride plate js550 motor +1 over pistons high compression head w/ dual cooling carb sold new crank seals in box needs new crank Riva Racing yami 650/701 in 550...
  2. chief775

    62T EBox 3rd connector

    What is the third (white) connector for on the ebox of a 62t out of a wb?
  3. chief775

    650 to 701 Conversion sn sj questions

    For all you superjet geniuses 1. The bottom rubber stop on the bottom of the 62t (came out of a waveraider && pic below)... Can i cut this so the engine will fit or do i need to get a new stop from somebody/somewhere?? i can't find any info on it... 2. Engine mounts... do i need a set of...
  4. chief775

    Square Superjet Bow Cover Assembly

    1991 Square Nose Superjet I'm looking for a good Bow Cover Assembly. Let me know if you have one and price + shipping. thanks! chief
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