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  1. 550kid171

    Dual silver sbn44s on R&D 62t intake manifold

    Clean set of dual mikuni sbn44s with a R&D manifold port matched for vf3 reeds Just went through them this summer before I put them on a new motor and have only had good gas though them since. $400 Jetting is at 115M 125P 2.0 N/S (new) 95g springs
  2. 550kid171

    Want to Buy Thrust micro drains

    I need 2x thrust micro drains to finish up a build. Thrust said they won't have a re-stock for 2-3 months so if anyone has any extras let me know! I would prefer black, blue, or silver but will take what i can get.
  3. 550kid171

    Freestyle What race fuel is everyone using?

    Did a quick search on this and i haven't found much in the recent years since billet cylinders have become more common in skis. Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for my flatwater build and started looking at what fuel i want to get on order with my distro. With so many...
  4. 550kid171


    Looking for a 7/15 155mm prop or something close to that before i order new.
  5. 550kid171

    Yamaha Fx-1 ***SOLD***

    *****SOLD***** Decided I’m ready to part ways with my fx to fund other things. $3500 located in Southern Utah about an hour and a half north of Vegas Hull and paint is not perfect but could be brought back to life by someone has the time and effort Stock 61x 50mm ported SJ mod chamber b-pipe...
  6. 550kid171


    9/15 hooker in like new condition For Superjet,WB1 144mm pump $200 OEM roundnose superjet waterbox Small rattle if you shake the box in hand but runs and sounds normal,freshly blasted $100
  7. 550kid171

    61x Longblock with ADA head / FX-1 B pipe

    Clean 61x Long block ADA head with 35cc domes jetted for b pipe at sea level comes with stator and flywheel Ran great when pulled last season, just don't have a hull for it anymore---$750 + ship I can also put a stock head on to drop price or sell as short block also. Fx-1 chamber complete b...
  8. 550kid171

    BOB Gen 2 Hull SOLD

    Listing my "2010" metallic black bob gen 2 as Im looking to get on something different this season. Will be sold as hull, pole bracket, and 144mm pump shoe, stripped otherwise. I am not the original owner but it looks to be a thick fiberglass surf layup, still no problem pulling flips off a boat...
  9. 550kid171

    Pole length?

    Is there a general rule of thumb for pole length on aftermarket Hulls? I'm new to the aftermarket hull scene and just put a new RRP pole on my gen 2 BOB. I have no idea if the length is right or where to start. I just set it up to the length that the PO had a RN pole cut to, but 5ish inches...
  10. 550kid171

    Strange dual cooling set up?

    I recently bought a bob gen 2 with a stock 61x/61x in it. I pulled the motor Sunday night to swap in a ported 62t 713 I have. I really don’t want to heat seize this motor so I’d like to get this set up right. Let me know if this cooling set up seems as odd as it seems.. bulkhead inlet #1— T to...
  11. 550kid171

    Freestyle 90-07 superjet worx WR308 rideplate

    Not sure how shortened the pole is from stock as I don’t have a factory length one to measure. It measures 31.75” pivot to pivot. Old style 96-07 steering. Comes with OEM turn plate and 0* hot products bars—$150obo will calculate shipping *does not include carbon blowsion chinpad but can for...
  12. 550kid171

    61x mid throttle bog headache

    I have a 61x in my bob hull that has been giving me a tuning headache the past couple days. Backstory, I bought this from a guy that was riding at sea level and he said it ripped when he rode it. My lake is somewhere around 3800~ feet, initial thought was to lean it up a bunch. Anyways after...
  13. 550kid171

    Used True fx-1 factory pipe , Coffman wb1 rocket pipe, wb1 UMI

    I have from what I can tell is a true fx-1 chamber factory pipe, will come as is manifold-headpipe-and fx chamber. Lower two screws on headpipe are stuck never really tried too hard to break them loose-$1350obo Next I have a Coffman rocket pipe for a wb1 with a home fabbed lord mount, will need...
  14. 550kid171

    SOLD 96’ roundnose Yamaha superjet with handling mods

    96’ roundnose super jet. I love this ski and hate to get rid of it but I want a freestyle ski more. Hull is clean besides one crack repair that was done and slid off the trailer once so outer chines aren’t pretty but still rides great. Mods 5” shortened pole RadDudes lowered pole bracket...
  15. 550kid171

    Hull 94’ Yamaha Waveblaster 1 spec hull rtr minus engine & ebox

    I figure I would like this to go to someone who will ride it more than once a year. When I bought this from the PO years ago I was told tech1 in havasu built this for someone to race sport spec in world finals some years ago but was never raced. I had full intentions of racing it but I’ve...
  16. 550kid171

    WTB Aftermarket Freestyle Hull

    Im looking for a Freestyle hull that will accept a Yamaha Powertrain. Let me know what you have. Cant seem to find anything posted right now. Thanks!
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