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  1. stonge219

    Want to Buy Factory Pipe manifold

    Looking for a 62t or a 61x FP exhaust manifold
  2. stonge219

    Custom/Hybrid Thrust Ez Drain Install-2015 Rickter XFS

    2015 xfs glass Rickter scupper started either sticking shut or would stay open and about sank a few times on the lake. decided to purchase Thrust Innovations EZ drain 2-3/4". first step is to remove the old scupper remove the three allen bolts I applied some heat to the scupper ring to...
  3. stonge219

    New 9/15 skat impeller

    NIB Skat-trak 144 C+75 9/15 5mm cut back $240
  4. stonge219

    Factory B pipe and xh20 box for Power Factor

    Looking to trade my Factory B pipe and x-scream water box for a Power Factor exhaust. Fresh water use and screws turn freely. Will put cash on top.
  5. stonge219

    Custom/Hybrid Info on Riva Powerbomb shaft and butterfly replacement

    can't find any info. Know something about the angle is custom and they most likely have to be massaged into place. I see hot products used to sell a kit. Really just need new brass butterfly's.
  6. stonge219

    New Blowsion fat bar clamp

    Brand new Blowsion fat bar clamp. SOLD
  7. stonge219

    Want to Buy RRP billet light weight pole (blue)

    Looking for a used billet light weight pole with blue ends.
  8. stonge219

    Want to Buy complete hood latch, tank straps, & hooks

    wanting to buy tank straps along with tank/waterbox hooks. also looking for a complete hood latch.
  9. stonge219

    Just a rant on Blowsion steering.

    So once again I broke the stem or stud as you would call it, almost loosing the krok collar into the abyss. Bars were not previously loose and bearing is nice and tight or should say rolls smooth with no play. This system is outdated now but they continue to sell this piece of $hit steering...
  10. stonge219

    Superjet parts: msd, fly, coil, stat sec, relay, dampner

    Have a few parts laying around i'd like to sell or trade for. *MSD Enhancer $240 (shipped) *61x Flywheel $60 *Nozzle $45 (no twizzle, is missing a bolt) *Relay $30 (shipped) *coil $40 *coupler dampner $15 (shipped) *stator section $40 Interested in: batt straps, hooker 9/15, worx 242...
  11. stonge219

    Super Jet Are these 38 mikuni's?

    Received these carbs need help identifying them. 34's or 38's? Mains 135 Pilots 70 95gram springs 1 carb has a 1.5 needle and seat the other has 2.5 are these supposed to be the same?
  12. stonge219

    Want to Buy Rn midshaft

    Looking for a complete RN midshaft.
  13. stonge219

    Want to Buy wanting used white Rickter xfs or xfr hull with extras

    Looking to buy a used minty white glass Rickter xfs or xfr hull with billet pole, looking to swap all my stuff from my superjet. Let me know what you got. Cash is burning in my pocket.
  14. stonge219

    Want to Buy Blowsion trim

    Looking for a complete blowsion trim setup.
  15. stonge219

    Super Jet 05 Superjet hull + extras

    05 superjet comes with the following: hull, hood, nose piece. Have a/m Tom ski nose piece waiting to be painted by John dady Ac aluminum hand pole dakine foot strap hydro turfed set up for dual cooling jet dynamics scoop grate worx d cut ride plate One way valve aluminum pump shoe blowsion...
  16. stonge219

    SOLD waveblaster B1 hull SOLD

    95 wavblaster b1 hull, sold.
  17. stonge219

    Used Blowsion pump thrust core hub kit

    Blowsion core hub kit, orange anodized. $275 you cover shiping. will consider trade for Blowsion or Thrust trim +$.
  18. stonge219

    Used RIVA thermostat for seadoo. all 4TEC boats

    i have a riva racing thermostat kit installed into the housing ready to bolt and go, used 5 hours. $150 shipped
  19. stonge219

    For Trade 2005 RN surf superjet WTT for Rickter XFS

    2005 RN superjet wanting to trade for Rickter xfs with 950pv+. i will put cash on top. pm me for more pics or ?'s the break down could be forgetting things. Jhon dady painted carbon reinforced blowsion built big bore 760 48mm riva powerbombs mikuni zero backlash coupler kit billet throttle...
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