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  1. AJs

    Super jet hull motor mounts

    Hey guys I had a motor mount bolt sear off and could not remove it without damaging the bras insert and threads. Anyone know how to repair that? I assume new brass sleeve and epoxy it in any help us greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. AJs

    Wake Chaser/flipper

    looking for new hull/ whole ski. Ride wakes in lakes in MN if you are nearby and have anything let me know. Price range around 6K I also have a modded 701Sj possible trade? Hulls similar to CF Brawler, WDK Rok, micre eme, Rage Havoc
  3. AJs

    Super Jet Oem 701cc top end kit??

    wondering if anyone is running the xscream 701cc top end kit and if its worth the $$$
  4. AJs

    Super Jet Ada head kit and b pipe cooling issues/concerns

    just put my Ada head kit on with 35cc domes and have a factory b-pipe. Ada recommended using the cooling system I already had set up but after riding shortly head and pipe were piping hot. what is the best cooling system for this setup???
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