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  1. Krenn Power Sports

    2019 Rickter Edge FR

    Built by TC Freeride for my customer. Texas titled. 950 Dasa B-pipe RRP waterbox 46's 155 oem pump rrp trim rrp pole, bars, OVP steering Enhance with stock charging system VERY little hours on this. Purchased new by my customer and he just doesn't use it. On consignment at Krenn Power Sports...
  2. Krenn Power Sports

    Rickter XFS Ninja G2 Ready to ride $25k

    before I build mine out that should be here this week, Im seeing if there are any 1000cc plus rickter XFS (2019+) G2's rtr for sale.... prefer chargning system, pump gas, but can change that if need be..... $25k budget ish
  3. Krenn Power Sports

    Want to Buy Rickter Rear Tank

    prefer new or like new.. lmk what you have.
  4. Krenn Power Sports

    Visual Carbon DVX hull Price dropped... will sell just hull for $9.8k
  5. Krenn Power Sports

    WTB xfs g2 rickter.

    Hull or complete.
  6. Krenn Power Sports

    XS helium

    seeing what's out there for a helium hull or complete I want a NICE CLEAN ski... not thrashed please..
  7. Krenn Power Sports

    duplicate post sorry

    delete please
  8. Krenn Power Sports

    2015 DVX Visual Carbon PHP powered

    I don't like the dvx like i thought i would so Im going back to the helium. Im selling this ski complete, the fix steer will not be included, I will change the pole to a comp pole and std steering, or deduct $1000 for new owner and just remove the pole and steering before purchase... 2015...
  9. Krenn Power Sports

    Van ski haulers

    I’m considering a cargo van or even a sienna or Honda van and converting it. I don’t want a big van that’s uncomfortable and sucks gas but rather something smaller but will fit 1 possibly 2 skis and gear. Anyone using a smaller van??? Pics of your set up would be great. I bought a Nissan nx200...
  10. Krenn Power Sports

    SOLD 2013 Backie Chan

    2013 glass chan. very good condition, I bought this hull gutted about 2 yrs ago... I put in a 760, head, and new b-pipe, JM waterbox, 155 pump (not stock but don't know mfg) thrust trim, xs pole and steering. runs great, i've only put about 2 hours on it (everyone at the lake helped as it's not...
  11. Krenn Power Sports

    Anyone run an XS pole on a Rickter??? if so pics

    considering a rickter hull but would want to use an XS pole.... anyone done it?
  12. Krenn Power Sports

    SOLD 2018 XScream Helium

    Used hull built in 2018 for me as a heavy lay up. It weighed 259lbs with 1 gal of fuel ready to run. I’m selling it as a hull with 14” xs pole (custom ordered) latches, steering cable, scuppers, hood, hood seal, intake grate, ride plate. The pump, trim, mounts, midshaft etc will be removed...
  13. Krenn Power Sports

    Novi Ls1’s 48’s. Php intake vf3’s

    Excellent condition set of carbs. Novi Ls1’s with php intake and vf3 reeds. $1500. Text or call. 682 553 1447.
  14. Krenn Power Sports


    Php built about 2 yrs ago. He approx 15hrs of time on it. 200psi and pump domes included. Will sell with php intake,vf3 reeds and novi LS1 48 d Carbs for $1200 additional. Price is $4800 for motor alone.
  15. Krenn Power Sports


  16. Krenn Power Sports

    SOLD MSD total Loss w/light flywheel

    perfect running MSD total loss. complete set-up, still in ski. comes on the plate, wired up, and with the light weight flywheel. This came in a friends ski i bought and I prefer a charging system. $1200 shipped... I will remove when sold, I will use it until then probably...
  17. Krenn Power Sports

    14” xscream pole

    Looking for an xscream pole that’s 14” core. Comp is 16”. I have an 18” but need a 14”. Pole only. Can buy or swap Lmk what you have.
  18. Krenn Power Sports

    Novi 48's like new prefer LS1

    looking for a like new set of novi 48's... cash or i have some 49fs to trade...
  19. Krenn Power Sports

    Complete 62T ignition system MSD, ATP, SBP etc.

    selling complete 62t ignition system, This is in an ATP billet see-thru box. Deutch connector to stator, complete box with coil, relay, MSD enhancer. OEM stator, Lightened flywheel, SBP billet see-thru front cover (2 rides on it) Its still in my ski, Im changing up but will ride with it...
  20. Krenn Power Sports

    Complete Zeel set-up TL or charging

    I have a used zeel set up. stock box has bilge wiring also. zeel CDI with programming in pics (i can change that to what ever you want). comes with box, stator,cover, etc... Flywheel that comes with it will be your choice of a lightened charging, or lightened total loss. Those are in the...
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