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  1. smokeysevin

    300/440/550 JS Conversion Waterbox

    I am hoping to get my ski back together soonish and one of the remaining items I need to purchase is a waterbox for my 750 swap. I am running one of the PJS 650 pipes and converting to rear exhaust. Additionally I may swap to an internal fuel fill so there can be more room up front. What is...
  2. smokeysevin

    Js550 handle pole mods

    Looking at my stock pole, is there any reason I can't drill 2 bigger holes in the internal bulkhead of the pole and fit pole vents like some of the aftermarket poles? Sean
  3. smokeysevin

    Other Rear Exhaust Size and Routing

    Currently preparing to do a rear exhaust conversion on my js550->750 swap and I need to know the proper tube size to run. I am also looking for input on stainless vs aluminum vs fiberglass tube for the tube inside the tray. My primary concern is corrosion so I am leaning towards stainless or...
  4. smokeysevin

    Other Fuel Tank Cleaning (External Discoloration)

    Not sure if this has been covered before, I searched a few combinations of terms but didn't find anything that was specific to this. I am getting ready to start putting my js550 back together. Since I am taking the time to clean everything up, I wanted to see if there was any way to clean the...
  5. smokeysevin

    300/440/550 Rideplate, intake grate, and sponson threaded inserts

    I am finally getting ready to wrap up the work on the bottom deck of my 87 js550 and one of my front intake grate mounts came out. The other intake grate mount is loose and the extended part broke when I tried to remove it, so that one also needs to come out. I also need to replace the sponson...
  6. smokeysevin

    Other How to fill Pinholes?

    I got my bottom deck sanded yesterday, and for the most part it looks good enough for me. There are probably 15 or so pinholes (pin holes) that I need to clean out and fill before slapping some sealer primer on and painting. I don't really want to mix up a full or half batch of resin and waste...
  7. smokeysevin

    Want to Buy Kawasaki 650/750 Coffmans Pipe

    Like the title says, I am looking for a pipe for a 750 swapped js550. Cheap is better but I need something. Sean
  8. smokeysevin

    Ignition System Interchange (CDI compatability)

    I did some digging this morning to figure out which cdi I want to use on my js550 to 750 swap and have a few questions remaining. From the part numbers, the sxr800 and sxi750 share the same cdi and voltage regulator, I am assuming the other 750s have the same ignition curves but different...
  9. smokeysevin

    Pump tunnel work (Filling in gap near thru hull JS550)

    I came across a few posts about using a pump tunnel stuffer or filling in the weird recess where the driveshaft protrudes into the tunnel on the js and sx hulls. X2 Modification ( I have the hull empty and am doing a rebuild, is it worth...
  10. smokeysevin

    Terminating Cooling Lines (Thru Hull and how to hook up)

    I am planning to update my js550/750 swap to a new dual cooling setup and have been trying to figure out the best way to run the lines and connect them to the hull so they are secure and easy to connect. I have been considering running pex or stainless steel lines. I am leaning towards the pex...
  11. smokeysevin

    SOLD Kawasaki 1100 900 motor (needs rebuild, may be scrap)

    Cases and head look good, otherwise I can't say much. Make an offer, I just need it gone. Sean Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  12. smokeysevin

    Kawasaki piston port js550 parts (exhaust, intake, motor)

    Few parts and a complete but disassembled and in need of rebuild motor. Orange county jetski exhaust Breadbox jetpower exhaust Mystery exhaust Make an offer, its just taking up space. Sean Sent from my LM-G710 using Tapatalk
  13. smokeysevin

    Kawasaki 650 long block and bed plate

    1989? 650 put of a TS. I bought it a week or so ago then came across a 750 for the right price so let my shortsightedness be your gain! I have a magneto cover on the way as well as a flywheel, coil, and new woodruff key/bolts. Motor spins over super smooth, has new crank seals and made 160 psi...
  14. smokeysevin

    1997 STX 1100 Part Out

    1997 Kawasaki STX 1100 Complete the ski has been sitting for a few years and had the following work done to it before being put into storage: clean used oem cdk carbs installed Choke removal and primer installed new tygon oil lines new fuel selector valve installed clean used jet pump...
  15. smokeysevin

    Removing Top Deck? (1987 JS550 Rebuild/Engine Swap)

    EDIT: I opted not to split the deck, sorry for the misdirect. The hull was more fragile up near the nose than I thought and I didn't want to ruin it. The rest of the thread is my attempt to build the hull and swap in a new motor. Thanks for the input everyone, Build Starts on Post 10 I am...
  16. smokeysevin

    Want to Buy Kawasaki 1200 tripple

    I am looking for a ultra 150 or stxr motor for a project, working or not cheaper is better. Sean
  17. smokeysevin

    Other Composite (Carbon, Kevlar, Glass) trim tabs, sponsons, and rideplate. (for runabout)

    Hey guys I have been browsing the composite section for a while and reading up on all I can. I have been looking to build a set of pneumatic trim tabs, sponson blades, backing plates (if possible), and a rideplate for my 2005 Kawi STX-15f <-My Build thread. I know y'all aren't a runabout forum...
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