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    who is the oldest x2 rider

    With 13 years in a wheelchair and about 10 Strokes I can tell you, just Keep on Trucking. If you stop you die. Road the Superjet and am getting the X2 ready to ride.
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    WTB Kawasaki x2 hull

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    Clean 06 Superjet SOLD !

    I would like to see your Superjet am in DeLand.
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    WTB Kawasaki x2 hull

    Hey Mogx46 I am interested in your X2, I am in DeLand 327-87too- 1849. I have cash. I want to be the oldest X2 Rider on the X. Will take me a year to finish my ski.
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    Other What did you fab up today? A thread for the home fabricators!

    I have been told that laughing is a good exercise. Been reading this thread since yesterday afternoon. I stopped last night at about 9 and started again at about 1am. Skipped about the last 8 pages and read the last one. Thank you very much my a side is aching like Mother Falconer. I have had...
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    who is the oldest x2 rider

    At 71 I owen an X2 but it is not rideable. It will cost me more money to make it a good ski than to buy a good used one. Waiting for a tax return. I'm about 40 miles west of Daytona Beach and live on a lake, so of anybody knows of a good ski near me give me a shout.
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