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    Super Jet Superjet powerband question

    I searched for a while and haven't really found anything, could be that i'm searching with the wrong key terms. Idk I recently picked up my first sj, 6m6/61x combo, ported, enhancer, lightened flywheel, 180psi head, sbn 46, factory pipe, Solas YB-SC-I 14.5-18, Im running an ocean pro plate...
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    SX/SXi/SXi Pro Car audio capacitor with total loss??

    Whats going on guys, I was surfing fleabay earlier and came across something that I haven't seen before. I searched the site but didn't find anything related to this. I don't have a whole lot of knowledge/experiance about total loss set ups but I have followed numerous build threads involving...
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    300/440/550 conversion ski heavy white smoke???

    Ok, so before I get bashed I used the search and found some information on this but would like some seccond opinions. Last week at the lake (after running a tank of fuel, runs great prefect spark color) started bogging terribly bad and wouldnt get up on plane at all. Pulled the hood, smoke...
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    300/440/550 Need advise on JS300/550 conversion to 650 or 750.

    I reciently was given a js300 hull which is still in good condition but the motor and electronics are shot. So I have decided to start getting a list together of what I will be needing to drop either a 650 or 750 engine in the hull. I know i'll need the conversion plate and the electronics for...
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