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    Water lines

    So I have a dasa 1000 I bought from a member. It has 4 outlets on the head and also two more on the sides. I have been searching pictures of others and I see some with just two on the head, others with 4 but none with the two on the side. What is recommended? I understand that the top ones go...
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    Electrical question

    Putting my ski together, running a zeel with 760 electronics. Thought my starter relay was bad but same problem. It’s not the start stop, checked it with meter. I’m not getting power to the other side of the relay/solinoid. I’m wondering if something isn’t hooked up correctly. Not sure where to...
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    Pump, cylinders, case, and tank

    Scat 144 12 vein mag complete with drive shaft, hooker 9/15, and stubby cone. Previous owner had it tapped for triple cooling. $800 I bought a complete 760 with the intention of doing a stroker build. Changed my mind but already disassembled the engine. 62t cylinder. Sold Cases. $200 Crank...
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    WTB: TPE 964

    Looking for a tpe 964. Not a great time to look for one but thought I would give it a shot. Tpe is top of list but would consider et 967. Let me know if you have something. Thanks.
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    61x exhaust

    looking for a 61x exhaust, stock or aftermarket, for a 760. Just something simple. I have a b-pipe just not sure I want to put it with the 760 since I'm selling the ski. Thanks
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    Used 4.7 limitedslip tank

    Used 4.7 tank with battery tray for sale. I believe it is a earlier model. I bought it off another member and never used it. 280+shipping.
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    3 gal tank

    Have a limitedslip 4.7 tank but it's a little tight with pfp. Looking for a 3-4 gallon with or without battery tray.
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    148-6/13 impeller and PFP pipe

    Like title says looking for a 6/13 for a 148 before I buy new. Also looking for a pfp pipe. Thanks
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    Impeller for build

    Just picked up a kdx with a 148 mag pump. For now I'm just going to put my jetmaniac 735 w/b-pipe in there. What impeller should I use. I read somewhere someone used a 6/12??
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    Parts for build

    I'm getting my first a/m hull and looking at getting some parts to put it all together. Need a finger throttle A lay down pipe. Prefer a pfp but would consider a rrp. Also looking at getting a 900cc+ motor. Prefer long block. Possibly a package deal, pipe, carbs, etc. Might be a few things...
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    -9 freak review/opinion wanted

    Like title says can be titan or badass. I'm a flat water guy so I will be going full carbon when I buy. Thanks
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    Lay down pipe ?'s

    Looking for direction and advice on which pipe to choose. Pfp seems to be the top choice. I'm just a flatwater rider that is just wanting some more power. Planning on going with a hpe 5mm. All have pros and cons but I'm looking for something that is fairly easy to tune and is going to last. I...
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    Complete solas 144 mag with trim

    Selling complete solas 144 mag with drive shaft and wear ring. Has a hooker 9/15 and thrust trim. Everything is in good shape. Prop has a few dings. Bearings are smooth. Never ran this setup bought it off a member here. $1000 plus shipping. Will consider a lay down pipe for trade or...
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    Want to Buy Electrical parts

    Have stock 760 electronics that I want to covert to 62t. Was told new cdi, stator, and flywheel is all I need to change. Would prefer lightened flywheel.
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    Want to Buy Carbon freak

    Just seeing what's out there for a possible winter build. Would prefer Tem built freak and leaning to full carbon because I only ride flatwater. Debating on possibly a circus or a shorter badass. Would like to flatwater flip some day but don't want a purpose built flipper. Don't have...
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    Want to Buy 760 cylinder and case

    Looking for clean parts for a winter build. Thanks
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    Want to Buy 550 gas tank

    looking for a cheap 550 gas tank. Found one locally but guy never came through. Thanks
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    Custom/Hybrid Superfreak question

    Does a superfreak badass require a shorter drive shaft? Will a limited b pipe chamber fit? Do you need a special intake grate? Anything else special? Thanks
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    Other 360 Fly

    not sure if it has been posted but looks cool.
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    Possible cavitation?

    Was riding the other day and at the river I ride at there is some moss and sticks in the water. Never have a problem with them but the other day was heading back in and went over a little patch and it felt like my ski suck up some moss because it started to burn out like cavitation. So I stopped...
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