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  1. Mobile Chernobyl

    Want to Buy Water injection system - GOOD to GREAT condition

    I am looking for a water injection system - microtouch, jetworks and MSD if it's immaculate. Let me know what you have - I'll offer $150 shipped and only interested if it's in good condition - if you feel it's worth more let me know why. Thanks!
  2. Mobile Chernobyl

    Dry vs. Wet

    So I'm in the process of a build and came across two good deals on used pipes. A Riva Red pipe and a Riva Freeride Dry pipe (some say it's a Factory Pipe Dry Pipe / Type 4) What I'm trying to accomplish is a ski that has great all around power, not all bottom and not all top. Sofar I've got a...
  3. Mobile Chernobyl

    Pimp My Superjet - MSRP Build

    Picked up a 1999 Superjet this weekend and was pretty surprised at how stock it was - in a good way! Very little "hullestation" if any - just some hood paint peeling! It was perfect timing too because I almost bought a leftover given the current drought of standups in the Denver area. So it...
  4. Mobile Chernobyl


  5. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 WTB 550 PP engine with good carb, 44 preferable - NYC to Philly area

    like the title says, looking for a 550 piston port engine, preferably something pulled out of a conversion ski in running condition. My 440 quit on my loner ski and I really like having it to teach people and fool around on the lake. I would like to have a more modern 44SBN carb if possible...
  6. Mobile Chernobyl

    Rocky Mountain region Jet Skiers? Looking to move there!

    Is there anyone on here that could recommend a region in the Rockies that offers good river/pond/lake jet skiing? I'm looking to move out west from Brooklyn shortly here and want to re-kindle my love affair with the jet pump. Currently I have lived in Brooklyn for about a year, and while fun...
  7. Mobile Chernobyl

    WTB: js440 prop shaft

    Just looking for the shaft - if you want to include all the other bits people usually do because of it's weird design that's fine too! Mine got beat to :-):-):-):-) in the bushing end and I just need something (anything) that works to fix it up. Thanks!
  8. Mobile Chernobyl

    Custom/Hybrid Hull prep for areas to be painted

    Well this will go with my turf question, and since this is a new forum - it would be good to have ALL info we can for composite work in one place right? This question is mostly aimed at wet layups - where you don't have the ability to gelcoat in a mold. I have a hull now that has been sanded...
  9. Mobile Chernobyl

    Custom/Hybrid Hull prep for areas to be covered by turf

    Simple enough - I have a pretty much bare hull that has lots of fiberglass work done on it. The tray area and bond rails are completely fresh biaxial fiberglass. I'm about to start the finish sanding process and I'll then proceed to a marine 2 part epoxy primer and finally paint and sealer...
  10. Mobile Chernobyl

    WTB OEM Kawasaki flame arrestor

    I'm looking for an OEM style flame arrestor for the 3 bolt pattern mikuni 38 carb for the kawasaki. I need 2 of these - complete and ready to bolt onto the carb. I will buy them individually from two people. I need these since they are low profile and don't saturate - this is for a...
  11. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 WTB: Top loader intake grate for 550

    Yo, Looking for a Top loader intake grate for the 440/550. Preferably something like the R&D Aquavein, PJS, Werx Maxiloader, or an older Mariner style. Looking to spend around $50 if the newer style of top loader - will negotiate! Thanks!
  12. Mobile Chernobyl

    Freestyle Artic Cat Tigershark integrated start/stop/bilge control - anyone tried this?

    I know most people like to have a on/off toggle for their bilge pumps but for people that are OK with the idea of using a momentary switch read on... Has anyone ever tried this On/Off/Bilge combo that apparently came as an OEM item on older Artic Cat Tigersharks? Here's a link...
  13. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 550sx into a 440 hull?

    For the sake of getting out on the water in the next week or two versus the next month or two (School's about to kick back into gear for me causing delays in my "hull modernization build") I'm wondering if I can put all of my "new" 550sx "stuff" into my 440 hull to at least enjoy the benefits of...
  14. Mobile Chernobyl

    Want to Buy WTB 750sx pole spring!

    I'm looking for a pole spring for a 750sx! Can be stock or A/M - as long as it's in one piece! I'm only looking to spend about $25 shipped so I'm not looking for a blowsion pole spring or anything fancy. If you have one - just contact me via PM to discuss shipping. Thanks!
  15. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 Hole on 440/550 steering nozzle by pivot

    Has anyone ever patched the hole on the 440/550 steering nozzle? Is it needed? If I run the stock ride plate it has a corresponding hole for it at 0deg bar position, but anything else (like my mariner plate) doesn't have a hole for the steering nozzle's hole. I don't see any other steering...
  16. Mobile Chernobyl

    WTB RN Superjet stock chinpad!!

    I am looking for a round nose superjet chin pad - as long as it is not cracked in half and all the bolts and the latch is still there I'm happy - the cover on it can be torn to shreds for all I care - I'll be re-turfing it! Thanks and send me a PM as well as a response if you have one - looking...
  17. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 WTB Ocean pro reduction nozzle and Ocean pro turn nozzle for 550sx!!

    I am looking for the ocean pro big bore reduction nozzle, and if also available the ocean pro turn nozzle. Let me know via PM if you have either of these and we can discuss payment and shipping. Thanks!
  18. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 550sx Hull Modernization Build

    Before you read this whole thread - please realize this project was never finished. The final post is here Interesting parts of the build are summarized below: Nose Rocker - and Nose Related Shaping Adding Rocker to the nose Reinforcing the Rockered nose Creating a smoothed nose that matches...
  19. Mobile Chernobyl

    Super Jet Homemade Handle Pole Project

    Hi all - Looking for some critiques from the more knowledgeable out there. I'm working on designing a new pole for my friends RN Superjet and so far I've gotten a pretty basic design down - drawing inspiration from RRP, Star Bar and some other homemade models on here and PWCtoday. The goals...
  20. Mobile Chernobyl

    300/440/550 1989 JS440 with JS550 engine in parts $399 PRICE REDUCED!!

    Up for sale is a 1989 JS440 in prime running condition I am also including a complete JS550 engine in parts taken from a running ski so you can upgrade it yourself and have a JS550 if you so choose! This has a few extras on it which are just about necessary for a reliable JS-era jetski...
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