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  1. JetSkiBrah

    Help me pick a ski

    Yes. It's a very dead horse. But nobody has discussed these skis in a while so wondering if anythings changed in a few more years. Picking up two skis this season. A superjet and a couch. For the couch I'm looking to spend about ~3k or less. So basically in that range I really like the rx...
  2. JetSkiBrah

    SX/SXi/SXi Pro value of Sxi Pro

    hello all, I'm looking into selling my sxi pro and finding a slightly better one. just wondering what it's worth, since i'm a little out of the jet ski seen lately. here's the stat's. give me your two cents. It's a 1999 Kawi Sxi Pro 750. almost entirely stock. newish grips. new pole pad. new...
  3. JetSkiBrah

    SX/SXi/SXi Pro still life in a 14 year old ski? trying to improve performance (99 750 pro)

    in august of 2011 i picked up a 1999 kawi 750 sxi pro. loved the thing. all it had was a worx intake grate, and a little jerry rigged "2nd" pisser that some mechanic put on my water hose. Since then, ive put ODI signature grips on and a worx D cut ride plate. I'm 6'0 and about 190lbs. i love...
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