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  1. Kohldanielzimmer

    2016 Rickter Edge FR built by TCFreeride

    2016 Rickter Edge FR, fiberglass. Built by Taylor Curtis at TCFreeride. Most parts brand new at time of build. Very few hours on the build since taking delivery in March 2016. 2010 freshwater only 61x/62t stock low hour motor. New ADA girdled head Immaculate dual 38MM mikuni carbs (essentially...
  2. Kohldanielzimmer

    X scream pole breather hose source

    Does anyone know where I can directly source the 1 3/4 inch x scream breather hoses?
  3. Kohldanielzimmer

    Vote on 2016 prorider magazine bikini cup
  4. Kohldanielzimmer

    Superfreak carbon battery plate

    Carbon plate made by Tem for battery location in superjet oem location. They cost something like 117 from Tem (don't know if he is even making anything anymore). 80 shipped (conus).
  5. Kohldanielzimmer

    Clean leftover build parts

    Rubber damper for bottom of cases-SOLD 3 Finger coupler 15 shipped. Super clean 144 stator. Tapped for double cooling. 50 shipped. Brand new Cold Fusion Ebox mount. SOLD New JetWorks flow control valve 40 shipped. New ADA bilge and bypass fitting- SOLD Super clean 62T CDI from 2010...
  6. Kohldanielzimmer

    New yamaha 144 hooker 9/15

    New in box 144 yamaha hooker 9/15. I bought this from jetmaniac for a build but then decided to go with a 155 pump. They cost 265 plus shipping/pp (or tax in certain states). 245 shipped.
  7. Kohldanielzimmer

    Driveshaft splines-run it of replace it?

    As the title says... Let me know what you guys think. @JetManiac
  8. Kohldanielzimmer

    Jetinetics flywheel

    I'm looking at getting s jetinetics flywheel. They have two listed on their site. One is listed as "701 raider only: Another is listed as all other 650/701...
  9. Kohldanielzimmer


    Jetfiend is a great seller. Clean CLEAN parts as promised, quick shipping, good packaging, and good communication. Highly recommended!
  10. Kohldanielzimmer

    Dual 38s stock

    I am looking for a set of unmolested/unmodified super clean dual 38 mm mikuni carbs. I only need the carburetors. I don't need the intake manifold or the snorkel/flame arrestor. Pm me with details if you have anything that matches the description.
  11. Kohldanielzimmer

    Waterbox for Rickter Edge (b pipe)

    What waterboxes are people running in the edge (b pipe setup)? I'm looking at gen2 xmetal, H20, and the new TNT waterbox. Any fit issues? @tntsuperjet I assume you are associated with the creation of this new waterbox. Can you comment on the internal changes over a stock RN box?
  12. Kohldanielzimmer

    Matt Jones (aka Matty J, Ducky)

    Matt Jones is a helpful and forthright seller. He went out of his way to sell me a quite obscure product that, in reality, was probably more of a hassle to deal with than financially lucrative for him. Quick shipping and good communication.
  13. Kohldanielzimmer

    Rubber hook pad...or whatever it's called

    I need two (would like 4 if possible) of the rubber strap pads that slip over the metal hooks to protect the water box... It's number #3 on this diagram. I do not need the metal hook but just the rubber pad that slips over the hook. PM me or post in here if you have some.
  14. Kohldanielzimmer

    Someone scored... 2011 Kawasaki 800 sxr (SOLD) - $2500 (Corona) Had my neighbor start it....Looks new but smokes alot Ex-husbands jetski..He only rode it once I know of Has a handle stick for the steering bars that say RRoy and extra new one You can have...
  15. Kohldanielzimmer

    OD measurement on gas tank fill

    Can anyone give me the OD measurement of the fuel fill port on the back of a Superjet gas tank? I need to replace my block off cap and don't have a tank near by...
  16. Kohldanielzimmer


    Seeking accounts of the procedure, recovery,and results from people with first hand experience with LASIK as I am contemplating it myself. MD says I am good candidate pending additional consultation, but age/refraction/stability of vision/health of eyes...etc appear to not be a...
  17. Kohldanielzimmer

    Clean 62t ebox stator and flywheel

    62t ebox, flywheel, and statorfrom a freshwater couch of some sort... Super clean. I want to sell as a bundle 225 shipped. PM me if interested.
  18. Kohldanielzimmer

    Superjet Parts Shop Cleaning

    Random superjet parts that have accumulated over the years. PM me if interested. continued below....
  19. Kohldanielzimmer

    Chevy 1500 ext cab vs crew cab

    I'm looking to get a 2012/2013 chevrolet 1500 4x4 for my girlfriend to commute in and to take on longer jet ski based road trips (surf slam,Daytona...etc). I have a 2500 for heavier towing already so not interested in going up the line for a 3/4-1 ton. Looking for input from any current owners...
  20. Kohldanielzimmer

    Blowsion HD superjet cable

    I have a practically new blowsion superjet HD cable for sale. There is nothing wrong with it. I installed it once but removed it because I didn't want to modify the steering cable holder on my xmetal pole. 160 shipped. Pm if interested.
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