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  1. yamanube

    UPS customer support

    I am stuck in an impossible loop of UPS customer support to try and file a claim on a package that was damaged during shipment and some of the parts were lost in transit. I am unable to file the claim on the website, it just gives me an error and have spoken to 7 customer service people, none of...
  2. yamanube

    XFS out of water

    First Gomez, now Anyzeski tossing Rickters. Serious butt pucker moment. Go to 4:30 if you are impatient.
  3. yamanube

    SBN 46

    What's out there for a clean, single 46SBN?
  4. yamanube

    DIY/printable impeller pitch gauge

    I remember seeing one on here previously but cannot find it now. I just want to print one off on paper to get an idea of where my impellers are at. Anyone have a link or a file?
  5. yamanube

    Red Blowsion throttle

    Looking for a cheaper than new Blowsion throttle lever in red. Preferably one that's not super faded.
  6. yamanube

    What is this bedplate from?

    Just swapped bedplates due to a busted coupler cover mount and noticed this extra tab. Anyone know what these are from or what its for?
  7. yamanube

    SOLD RN Waterbox

    Sold No rattles, cracks or major damage. $180 shipped in the US. Sold
  8. yamanube

    Watt hole

    It seems these are backordered, anyone have a used one I can buy?
  9. yamanube

    Odd pump carnage

    Clean OEM pump bolted into a superjet hull, lived most of its life in Minnesota, only 18 months in Florida and rinsed very well each ride. It just crumbled.
  10. yamanube

    Super Jet Rockered, shortened surf hull Florida

    SOLD No title, 10 footer paint work, rockered nose, wide rails and cut -2" in back, wide tray, refoamed and reinforced. Aluminum pump shoe, billet pole bracket, hood hooks, fittings and fuel cap. Carbon nose piece and rideplate. Should be a rad little surf ripper, but I went to a one car...
  11. yamanube

    Super Jet Internal fill assembly

    What's out there for internal fill pieces for a superjet tank?
  12. yamanube

    Hull WTB Surf hull

    Considering an upgrade from my trusty Superjet. Been eyeballing the hulls for sale section but it's been quiet. Looking for a nice glass hull that's ready to assemble. Edge, FR2, SV1, Predator or similar.
  13. yamanube

    Hurricane Apex hull

    I was super excited when these came out but they fizzled out quick, very few seem to have been built and almost no feedback. Anyone have one? Anyone ride one?
  14. yamanube

    Super Jet JoeB tribute surf smasher

    This hull has been passed around a bit before it ended up in my garage. I saw it posted on Facebook and quickly abondoned another rocker project in favor of this one that I thought would be less work. It looked really nice in photos, less so in person but I bought it anyways.
  15. yamanube

    Billet twin tube pole bracket

    Seeing what's out there for used pole brackets. Needs to be twin tube style and include backing plate.
  16. yamanube

    SOLD FX1 pump shoe

    Prematurely bought this for a project that never never came. One screw hole is broken, will not degrade functionality. SOLD
  17. yamanube

    Yamaha porting templates "Black Friday" $18 shipped

    Magnetic porting templates for Yamaha 650, 701, 760, 1100 non powervalve and 1200 non powervalve cylinders. $18 shipped in the US or Canada, PM me if you would like to purchase. Sale will continue through this weekend. Information on the templates is here...
  18. yamanube

    Simple surf superjet

    This has been constantly evolving since moving down to Florida last year. Started off as a clean, mostly stock 98 with an R&D pipe and some simple parts. I stuck the hodge podge 760 that was in it so I built and ported a fresh 61x 760 and put in a B pipe. It has just been slowly progressing...
  19. yamanube

    ODI Grips facitility tour

    Thought this was worth sharing.
  20. yamanube

    SOLD 61x big bore cylinder (re-sleeved)

    SOLD I know very little about this cylinder, it was in my ski when I purchased it but I had some water intrusion that wasted my crank and stuck the cylinder. 61x cylinder, some sort of big bore sleeve (LA Maybe?), currently at 84mm. Someone skimmed about a millimeter off the top of the...
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