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    Send me a private message or email me at

    Send me a private message or email me at
  2. yamanube

    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    Just to be certain, make sure his battery is 100%. I was chasing a loss of power for a while before I realized my battery was on it's way out. I put a new battery in and there was a noticeable difference in how my ski ran.
  3. yamanube

    Superfreak titan -9

    This is Yamasluts old hull, I believe. I think Tem did it specifically for him.
  4. yamanube

    DIY/printable impeller pitch gauge

    I just used standard 8.5x11 printer paper.
  5. yamanube

    Has anyone put a Yamaha 701/760 in a SXR800 hull?

    There have been a couple of threads regarding it here but they may be tough to find now. I put a 61x with stock SJ style exhaust in a 750sx with the Rhaas kit, it was pretty painless.
  6. yamanube

    Nose cones

    Rubber all the way, I have had issues with the aluminum ones coming loose as well. Truth is, the OEM impeller does not have a seal, I'm not 100% convinced they are necessary and have run both Solas and Skat impellers without them and didn't notice a difference.
  7. yamanube

    XFT hull info

    Most likely I put the ski together as it sits now. I built the engine with ported 61X cases, ported 62T cylinders, 82mm bore. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  8. yamanube

    AM Hulls.

    It will not fit the REV.
  9. yamanube

    AM Hulls.

    Probably Toby's T1, but why?
  10. yamanube

    Type 4 pipe in Superfreak...does it fit?

    I found this pic of a ProTec pipe in a freak, not sure what model but this area will give you trouble just getting the chamber in. The dry pipe chamber is bigger all around so say goodbye to your hoodseal.
  11. yamanube

    Type 4 pipe in Superfreak...does it fit?

    I highly doubt you will fit a traditional dry pipe in the hull, there's more to it than just hood liner height (which is probably the easiest issue to solve). The engine bay opening beside and behind the chamber has to be looked at and the distance to the bulkhead/rear of topdeck may be an issue...
  12. yamanube

    Red Blowsion throttle

    Still looking
  13. yamanube

    How do you guys pay for a used out of state hull?

    I always do paypal with a credit card, the extra protection is worth the extra money IMO.
  14. yamanube

    Anyone else have terrible sinus issues after they ride?

    This went away pretty much entirely when I switched to saltwater riding only. Win win.
  15. yamanube

    Polaris octane options?

  16. yamanube

    What's your view look like today?

    Dialed in my home office a bit.
  17. yamanube

    Other Virus Nonsense

    @E350, I do not vote Democrat
  18. yamanube

    Other Virus Nonsense

    LOL carry on boys.
  19. yamanube

    Other Virus Nonsense

    If you are basing the quality of life in those places on them being liberal you obviously have already made up your mind but consider the fact that these areas are also the three most populated in our country. Population density definitely has an effect on how the stress of our current situation...
  20. yamanube

    Yamaha 701/760 Freestyle/Freeride porting templates

    Just sent you a message.
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