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  1. Kohldanielzimmer

    2016 Rickter Edge FR built by TCFreeride

    Central California foothills
  2. Kohldanielzimmer

    2016 Rickter Edge FR built by TCFreeride

    Not necessarily a fire sale but I did drag it behind me when I evacuated... Levity is healthy, right?
  3. Kohldanielzimmer

    What's your view look like today?

    Beautiful truck.
  4. Kohldanielzimmer


    I inquired with a dealer (yet to hear back and probably won't). I am not stressing on it. In my opinion, the value here is substantial. It takes give or take nearly twice as much to build a super sano AM hull.
  5. Kohldanielzimmer

    Deep Purple

    Dig it. Purple gator grip is a nice touch.
  6. Kohldanielzimmer

    Cable tie points on superjet broken (help)
  7. Kohldanielzimmer

    Anyone else waiting for an AM hull?

    Lordy, she's a looker.
  8. Kohldanielzimmer

    In need of sxr 1500

    By the way, it's not mine...
  9. Kohldanielzimmer

    In need of sxr 1500
  10. Kohldanielzimmer

    Removing Top Deck? (1987 JS550 Rebuild/Engine Swap)

    I personally think splitting the decks to do repairs is going to end up causing more problems (i.e., difficulty properly rebonding) than it would yield in benefits for greater access.
  11. Kohldanielzimmer

    Help me solve this mystery! SOLVED!!!!

    No idea what it is but if you're desperate to know this subreddit has > 1 million members and seems to yield solutions regularly...
  12. Kohldanielzimmer

    SOLD Rickter Edge FR Visual Carbon

    I've built one of these, this is an amazing deal from a purely financial standpoint. Also, just a beautiful boat that should last forever.
  13. Kohldanielzimmer

    Superfreak pump seal

    What year is this thing and who built it (Tem or Thrust)? You're almost certainly correct that the cooling lines are corroded... Do you have two cooling lines? You might try to isolate them and see if they are both leaking. If only only leaks, you can get by on single cooling (unless you have...
  14. Kohldanielzimmer

    Don't Let Go - Punch to the Face

    Glad you kept your eye.
  15. Kohldanielzimmer

    SOLD 2018 Tigercraft SVPro - SOLD

    This thing Is gorgeous. Well worth the asking price (or more!).
  16. Kohldanielzimmer

    2015 Rickter EDGE Photos

    I forgot about the toe killers. I actually broke my left-sided small toe twice over 2 years kicking in. Partially my own fault I'm sure. Real shoes (vs. surf booties) are a must.
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