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    2014 Brigantine Rager...Ride Pix

  2. Flash-FX

    Daytona 2013 Picture/Video Thread

    Ok, I'll start.....Sunrise
  3. Flash-FX

    FX-1 O-Ring for Cold Fusion Flywheel Cover

    Nice silicone @ 4.45 ea......Mcmaster-Carr # 9396k944
  4. Flash-FX

    Pump/Nozzle Carnage Thread...

    How many of you guys had pump/nozzle issues? :aargh4:
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    Surfriding Brigantine Surf 12-17-11

    Some shots of the "crew".....More to come....HANG ON !
  6. Flash-FX

    Brigantine surf 10-21-11

    Some "really dark" late afternoon surf shots....most of them were too blurry to post. Might have a few more...looking.
  7. Flash-FX

    Needed, More brains & bigger snorkel...

    National Guard cruising around in Manville NJ, after the heavy rains left from "Irene". My question is HOW can they see where to drive? GPS navigation?
  8. Flash-FX

    Brigantine small surf 8-5-11

    A couple of pix for you guys... (my ski is in the ICU this week so there's pictures).
  9. Flash-FX

    Brigantine Surf 2/26/11 was (still is) cold, but the surf was nice.
  10. Flash-FX

    Other Power Valve Boot Support

    After having the green silicone boot pop off the cap a couple of times, (from little pops/backfires when the exhaust outlet is under water) I came up with a quick & painless fix...Use a piece of mountain bike inner tube. Cut a section of tube about 1-1/8" long, remove the retaining spring, and...
  11. Flash-FX

    Pre Hurricane Pix... "Earl"

    Here's a couple pix for you photo shop. Sorry for the somewhat dark was getting really dark out, and I was about 1/4 mile away. 9/1 & 9/2 The pictures loaded in reverse...??
  12. Flash-FX

    FX-1 FX-1 SJ fuel tank mod

    More fuel & run time for the FX (test boat).. Making it all fit better.
  13. Flash-FX


    Quick shipping!! Good parts!!! Thanks Mike.
  14. Flash-FX

    FX-1 FX-1 SS 827cc Re-power

    The quest for more controllable power has been found (finally). All that I'll need for this week, at least... Now waiting for the proper pitch impeller to complete the package (the 12/17 spins :burnout:) A BIG thanks goes out to the crew at Team Scream! Some pix for you guys to drool on... 7...
  15. Flash-FX

    FX-1 End Of Season,Tall Grass Mowing Adventures

    Ok....Last month's surf pretty much sucked, so I slapped on a new camera and took a few clips during a couple of "creek" rides....before the "waterproof" camera broke. Sorry, but I had imagined somewhat better variety of material to edit. The best stuff got lost on the chip and was not...
  16. Flash-FX

    144mm mag pump carnage

    Here's what a little salt water does to stainless steel and aluminum....Time for a new housing.
  17. Flash-FX

    Corsons Inlet Mods

    Last Sunday, I took a couple of pix while passing Corsons Inlet (100mph @ 100'). The Army Corps of engineering is there moving some sand around, re-replenishing the badly eroded beach front. There appeared to be a nice break, next to where the sand auger dug a deep hole (sand shelf break). Only...
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    Driveshaft-impeller thread size/pitch

    I need to clean up some threads in a Yamaha impeller. I did the search, and the question was asked before... but there never was a real answer. Does anyone know what tap (or die) size is needed? Before I get further into this, I...
  19. Flash-FX

    300/440/550 Original Jet Ski Design-Basics

    Here's a re-print of the Original Design / Handling Properties incorporated into the "Jet Ski". I've seen posts lately that question "how does it work". you go. (Courtesy Jet Skier Magazine 1988).
  20. Flash-FX

    New 200' rule in NJ

    Assembly panel OKs extended watercraft restrictions By DEREK HARPER Statehouse Bureau, 609-292-4935 Published: Friday, January 16, 2009 TRENTON - A bill that would keep personal watercraft farther away from the shore and swimmers cleared a state Assembly committee Thursday. The...
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