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Freestylefest 2016

Where: Bolles Harbor in Monroe, MI. (AKA "The Hothole")

When: Tenative Date: Saturday October 15th

For those that dont know, the Hothole is a small area of water that the powerplant empties there cooling water into. This keeps it unseasonably warm through cold weather. This is usually one of the last chances to ride in Michigan. Don't worry about it being cold the water temp there is enough to keep you warm!

Freestylefest is all about meeting new people, talking about riding and maybe learning from the experience. And above all...being safe and having fun.

I'm sure there will be a couple boats at the hothole for us to do some wake jumping as there is every year. Just remember to be safe.



Take 75 to the Laplaisance Rd. exit (#11). From there go straight across Laplaisance Rd. onto Waters Edge Dr. Follow that back to the parking lot and that is where we all put the skis in. From there just ride out of the no wake zone into Lake Erie and stay far far far away from the edge because of real thick seaweed, and then go straight into the Hothole. (DO NOT cut the corner, you will bottom out!!!) You can't miss the tall powerplant tower.


Roll call...Please post if you are going participate in this freeride. Also let us know if you are bringing a Boat as we could use some for fuel cans and scissor stand hauling.

Any questions contact me @SpaceCowboy 608-449-0412
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On another note, if we could get one really good wake boat or even two that are halfway decent for a v-wake, I'd be down to throw in a few bucks for gas. Maybe we can get a big enough donation to make it worth the boat owners while. I'm sure the $5-$10 per person would be worth it.
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