How deep do skis sink?


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I just emailed my local state farm agent. All I said was I have a WDK jetski registered as homemade with a state-issued HIN. He said they do not do policies for "custom trick jetskis"

You are one of the only people I've heard of getting more than just liability on an am hull besides when wake zone was a thing.

Call the guy I posted the link to. My bob and my reaper are registered as home made. He has also insured rickters and many others.


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The bigger question is what happens when you need to use that insurance.............
Thats why i need more people to sign up. So i can find out! :)

Interestingly though I have heard and read of plenty of people filling claims but not one follows up with the results.
*With any insurance
I always wanted to try a tile in a ski. There good for about a football field out of the water no clue on the server below

Wont work at all below water, there is some military tech for wireless underwater but i don't believe anything has hit the civilian market. Your best bet for something like that would be GPS based so at least you have a last known location to start your search grid from. Underwater recovery is tricky business. Very easy to miss stuff even in decent vis, add poopty vis and any sort of depth and its a needle in a haystack. I recovered a drone for a buddy at Body beach back in January and i burned 3 tanks and 3 hours underwater @ around 15' searching a 40x40' area with a really good idea on where it went down. Swam over it at least half a dozen times before i saw it in the weeds.


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I sank an A8 before, luckily mine bobbed with the nozzle sticking out of the water long enough to get a tow rope hooked up.

We have sank atleast 2 skis in DFW. One found with a diver doing circles, other found by top of line fishing boat with sonar.

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Possibly dumb question, but is there such a thing as an underwater metal detector? Maybe that is a way to somehow locate it?
Unfortunately at this point it has been over 2 weeks since it sank and i can’t get anyone to even come close to finding it for me. At this point I’m pretty much accepting that I won’t be getting this ski back, and financially I can’t continue to play in this sport. Insurance would have been a good idea.
With Side Scan Sonar on a Mini-ROV visibility ("vis") is not an issue.

There might be an ROV Club near the lake or your Town that might volunteer to find it. Don't give up.

A good ROV Pilot will set-up a grid and perform his search sweep accordingly in a very methodical way. Should be able to find it in a day.

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