Looking to get a new helmet, what is one of the better ones thats not to heavy

Dec 6, 2015
northern Bay area
So after reading a forum last night about all the injury's riding jet ski's I'm looking to buy a helmet.

I want a good one but not to heavy also ?

I'd like to hear what you think, brand , why it is one of the better ones and best place to buy it online.

Thanks Edward shred


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Dec 31, 2012
661 comp shifted. Many people have them on the x. Great helmets. I absolutely love mine. Doesn't get heavy.

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May 14, 2011
Boynton Beach
If you ride salt, TLD is the way to go. Hardware on most is titanium and it wont rust. TLD i also the best quality helmet among MTB full face helmets. The only downfall is its pricetag but you get what you pay for.
The other option is any other cheap MTB full face helmet starting from 50 bux and up. The better ones are made of fiberglass shell, the cheapest are made of plastic. They all weight pretty much the same.
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