FX-1 making the first Tom21 carbon fx1


Jun 23, 2009
NE Tenn
You always were helpful when l had any questions about composites.Taught me a lot! Glad to have you as a friend!
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Jun 15, 2008
Super glad to hear you and your family seem to be doing much better than a few years ago!

I still have my hull and love it! I got tired of motor issues and threw a stock 61x motor with head / bpipe / msd and it still rips in that hull! I do probably need to pull it apart and fix a few things here and there but overall still love it and will never let it go!

Would still really like to get another rideplate from you as the first one came apart and I was super hesitant to cut up the 2nd one. Let me know if that's doable!
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