MSmitty Rickter

Hey guys I just wanted to say I bought a rickter this weekend from Matt Smith. I found the machine Thursday at like 10pm. Left my number and he contacted me Friday morning. We spoke all day Friday and came to a deal. I drove 8 hours and picked the ski up Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately I didn’t personally get to meet Matt but met his parents who were great people! This was very comforting in making such a large purchase. Took the ski out Sunday and it was as advertised minus he never mentioned what an animal it was!! Lol it’s a beautiful great running machine. I’ve still been talking to Matt even today asking questions as this is my first real stand up after only riding them for a month hahaha. He has answered any and all questions and I can tell we have established a friendship and will definitely link up in the future to ride together. Thank you Matt and family for the awesome machine and pleasant transaction!!!


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