FX-1 Purple Madness (all over again)


If you saw this ski on fb marketplace for sale,l ended up with it.Picked it up today after a 6 hour drive with @Brappadoodle lt has Tom21 tubbies and 144 pump conversion.
l’ll give you some background on why l came to buy this ski.l started this same conversion before l built the infamous “Stunt Hull”.But chickened out after l started cutting it up.Yea,pretty crazy l know.l actually tried to buy my fx back a couple times after gaining some knowledge,but no luck.So,here l am now going back.

The ski came with the original exhaust pipe and hose.Also,the water lines and some miscellaneous parts.l also bought a jet dynamics ride plate,Worx’s pump shoe and watcon hood seal.Brappadoodle was kind enough to let me use some of his stash of fiberglass and a 144 pump.Got some other items,but will reveal them later in the build.This is going to be a slow build,so don’t hold your breath.Got a larger project to finish,before my wife whips my ass.And yes,there will be purple.

Starting tomorrow rechecking the alignment and making a plan. Sit back and enjoy the build


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Alignment isn’t too bad from a preliminary check yesterday.l may have to shim the front bolts just a little bit,but will know better later in the week when l have more time.

Not saying the previous owner did wrong,but the S glass used to hold the pump tunnel and box in has a number of bubbles to grind down.And also grind down some thickened epoxy on the underside.Once l can get that done,then l can start building up with a little more S glass,then move on to really getting some reinforcement around the whole area.l don’t want to finish and find small cracks where the the graft was made to install the 144 pump box and tunnel.

May be a few days before l post up again.
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