Remedies for high blood pressure


Great post @doty Several years ago l tried all the things you mentioned for lowering my bp.Increased workouts,etc.My doc went along with it for about 2 weeks.He too said to check my bp a few times a day and bring him the results.Long story short,my way didn’t work.So l started on a very small dose of irbesarton.Fast forward to now and have felt like my blood pressure has been going up for a while now.Been averaging around 140/84 each day at the same times.With the exception when l get on FB and read on the fake crap people put up on politics. :) Just a side note.
l have a yearly physical coming up and it will be about 3 weeks worth of bp readings l will bring with me to see what he suggests.Which l too have learned over the last few years so he can make a good decision on making some adjustments.l hate being on any medication,but a fact of reality of age (64) and wanting to live a better life.
All can learn from what you posted up.Thanks
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