Today was a good day - the counter to trivial complaints


Just hit lunch with my brother. We had sushi and rolls and beer and saki.

Now I'm back at work chewing on mints.

Edit - Did I mention his company picked up the tab?

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Working from home today, eating Jimmy Johns on the back porch. Going to sign off here shortly and take the boat out...

Well I dislike working so much but it's nice knowing what the weather will be for the next 12 months for me.

Weekend goals are go surf north shore and meet tourist girls in waikiki



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Took my second to last calc 3 exam, just got the final to go! That was exciting.
Oh, and right now I'm working on my ski for the first time in months... Feels so good.


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Today I got to talk to my Chem professor about standup jetskis. We talked about sacrificial anodes in cylinders and the redox reactions, anodizing of aluminum, solubility of oils in certain race gases, and a couple other things. It was freeken awesome!
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