Water in electric box

What can I do to seal the electric box from getting water other than a new gasket


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Buy a Superjet
New gasket, tighten the screws evenly and not overly tight. I also put a layer of silicone around the seam and wires. then i spray it down with never wet. Flex seal would probably work too.


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Another easier to clean up method is using dielectric grease on the seal and all grommets/wires/fuse cap.

Also, tighten the screws evenly and don't overtighten to the point the seal squeezes out. Don't need super tight as the top ebox cover has a narrow extrusion all the way around designed to dig into the gasket to seal. New OEM seal all the way!
That neverwet looks good worth a shot
And I just purchased a nano protection for all electric parts but I got to keep that salt out it was still wet from a few weeks ago don’t know if that was from the lake and the salt deposits were residue from a month ago but that’s got to stop
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