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Just need to get 4 degrees bar my hands were nom and my fingers to my friend said to get the 4 degree bar so I am got to give it a try
Was freestyle yesterday in Kingston Ontario the waves were 5 feet it was amazing can’t wait for the next ride
I had ordered some Zeels with the taco output about 2 weeks ago... they are still being built- might arrive here in 2-3 weeks
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Awsome. How much for a cdi and program cable for Yamaha 760? Thanks Mike.
Post something or comment- after 5 of those you should be able to message
Hi I’m in Oxford Mi not to far away very interested in the ski I have a immaculate 2012 Yamaha superjet I would trade please contact me
Hi I am very interested in the ski I have a very clean 2012 superjet and I’m located in Oxford Mi I would like to trade give me a text 1248-873-7190
saw your profile says "From Mass." Assuming that the jetsurf is in Massachusetts?
Yes, in MA, but I’ve had a change of heart and hanging on to it. Cant replace it for this price. I’ll update the listing. Thx
I build and offer these harnesses for $24 plus shipping of $6.50.
I use OEM components so it's plug and play.
Let me know if that is competitive with OEM.
Can't thank you enough for putting me in touch with Max!! that man is a straight up legend when it comes to top notch service and a bottomless depth of knowledge! its a good thing he's in a different country, if l lived within driving range i suspect much of my money would've gone to modding the F.... out of this octane ;-)
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