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    once thought my ski was waterlogged until i pulled the mid-shaft to my surprise ........

    I think that maybe your tray IS waterlogged. Do you have footholds?maybe there cracked and leaking and the foam is soaked full and coming in ,out around the driveshaft tube. That tube is open from the pump and water can enter but if it keeps dripping it’s probably coming from the tray. My .02...
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    I replaced just the rubber flap on my SF scupper with a different brand from JM for cheap.The holes don’t line up perfect but it works probably should replace it again if I can ever get back to the ocean someday.
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    How to buff sun faded black gel coat and good hull cleaner suggestions?

    In extreme cases I have a 30 year old 580 sea poo poo that my family members won’t let me get rid of so we wet sanded it all the way down to 2000 buffed it out with some marine grade products from west marine and the old thing looks ok. I have done this to boats also it’s a lot of elbow grease...
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    SN build

    Nice improvement of your SN I like the modern graphics.The 61x is a good little motor ,if it were me I would spend the money on the pump first repitch the prop lower or get a swirl and even go 8/16 really wake that little 701 up . Even find a mag pump good Intake and make what horsepower you...
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    SN build

    Bending the prop sounds like a good idea 12/17 sounds too tall for a 701 if bottom end is what you desire. Making sure it’s tuned right is most important and making sure the pump is hooking up.
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    Crank rebuild options?

    I second this ^been running them for a long time and not 1 failure or problem.
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    ProForce Race Build

    Hello chix, I have a 1st gen Proforce hull #7 and I love it ,turns and handles amazing really fun ski. If the swells get too big it tends to sub is the only complaint I could speak of but I realize it so its no big deal as It only has a twin so 50mph is not very dangerous. I was at Body Beach...
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    Custom/Hybrid Finally decided to open up the 97’

    Looks good Vince. I widened a couple trays too and you do good work, did you use epoxy? its alot stronger and I have seen you ride and you break things haha. Is that your sisters old race boat it has quite a history if it is. Hope your fixing it up for some surf sessions and I can join you someday.
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    Non-trim upswept nozzle for 144

    How about an 08+ oem superjet nozzle ? You can elongate the hole and get several degrees of adjustment out of it. I have one on my Superfreak on a 148 pump and it works perfect.
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    Superjet intake grate measurement

    The Jet Dynamics is what I have in my Freak. Its not an oem fit at all I had to grind,file,elongate holes do whatever was necessary to make it fit. Ahh the fun it was everything had to be custom fitted. And when I switched to a 148 pump it made the intake hang off the bottom of the ski even...
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    Superfreak cooling lines.

    Mine has a carbon exhaust tube that is not straight also maybe it’s leaking inside but it’s been leaking a little for a long time I don’t think it’s bad enough to tear apart.
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    Superfreak cooling lines.

    Around my exhaust tube leaked too .Leaked in a bunch of places after pressure testing, Maybe just meant to be kinda glad there is no foam to waterlog just have the routine to completely fill tray with fresh water periodically and let completely drain. I don’t think the stainless tubes will ever...
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    Superfreak cooling lines.

    I drilled from the pump area with a long drill bit thru the bend of the curved tube and continued drilling thru the bulkhead in a new location if that makes sense. Only half of the new 3/8 stainless tube is in the old tube on the right. The tube on the left is straight thru .. This was actually...
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    4mil crank cases & cylinder

    Is this setup still available? Very tempting definitely worth a bump
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    Superjet 2005 struggles (startup)

    I had problems like these before and it was a bad broken ground cable below the exhaust manifold on the starter bolts. There is way to check by bypassing,installing another temporary ground cable from battery to motor see if thats the problem. The positive may also be loose and these connections...
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