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    Don't care about the hose clip, just need the tank to stay in place :p. How much you want for...

    Don't care about the hose clip, just need the tank to stay in place :p. How much you want for it including shipping?
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    Want to Buy FOUND - Fuel tank damper

    Anybody got one of these lying around they want to sell?
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    Used Broken Xmetal Handpole

    Do you have the steering mount piece too?
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    50 cal hull SOLD

    Wish you were closer to Michigan, I’d buy this in a heartbeat!
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    Which needle is what (carb question)

    Low speed (pilot) screw in Red Idle screw in Blue High speed (main) screw is on the other side of the carb high up However, was this ski running good before? And have you done any engine mods since it was last running well? I'm asking because the carb adjustmet screws aren't your problem if...
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    DIY Total loss or MSD TL upgrade box 270USD?

    Ok, so I've been getting all the parts to convert my ski from 61x electronics to 64x for the zeel and realized the case needs a rubber plug for where the 61x wires normally run out of for the stator. I've been looking in every parts diagram and can't find it anywhere. I'm thinking for a temp...
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    How permanent is that stuff? Looks like it's similar properties to the 1211. The bolts hold everything in place so you don't need anything that has adhesive power, just filling in the gaps between the 2 cases. Don't put any on the shaft part with the o-rings. Just a bead around the starter...
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    I think most people that use sealant on the starter use 1211 liquid gasket. I just put a heavy amount of waterproof grease around the rubber o-rings. I ride freshwater only though, I'd probably use sealant if I were to ride in saltwater.
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    Can be done without removing the pipe but is super easy if you take off the head pipe (black part). Just 3 bolts and a hose clamp and its out of the way. May need a new gasket though it the current one is very old.
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    Ski Barb thru-hull fitting for blaster

    Not sure what you need but assuming another line for cooling. I bought the 3/8 waterline fitting from Riva racing. Can find on ebay too. They seem a little expensive for what they are but I'd rather rely on a bullet one over some I've seen made from plastic. At least for a waterline to the...
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    Want to Buy Backie Chan Ride Plate - Found

    Found! Thanks @Prickster
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    Want to Buy Backie Chan Ride Plate - Found

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    Want to Buy Backie Chan Ride Plate - Found

    I think I remember seeing a post awhile back that you planned on making them but hadn't heard or seem any updates on them being for sale, probably a limited market now. The one in the pic is about the length I have now, are planning on making them longer and the full normal rideplate width...
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    Want to Buy Backie Chan Ride Plate - Found

    Anybody got a chan ride plate they want to part with or somebody have a mold they want to sell or let me barrow? I have as short plate now and would like to make something a little longer for lake michigan and boat chasing. I'm trying to avoid the work of making one if possible, I've never...
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    11/17 Hooker Impeller

    Would that work on a blaster with a piped and ported 771 with stock pump?
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