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    BRAND NEW Coffman Rocket 750SX Exhaust

    Oh you mean this guy Buzzard! :)
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    Yamaha Superjet Handle Pole

    Lol!! JUNK for 500$!
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    SOLD Kawi 750 pjs rocket pipe

    Message sent
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    SX/SXi/SXi Pro My '92 750SX rebuild

    Congrats Oldguy!! No wife/kids = WINNING! Lol I barely have enough time for my gun projects let alone my jet skis! Without someone PESTERING me! Lol
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    SX/SXi/SXi Pro My '92 750SX rebuild

    I'm impressed with your abilities. How do you find so much time to get this accomplished? I work 70-80 hrs a week happily only because the pay is obscene! Lol
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    Tcw3 oil or not....

    Only reason I asked was a guy I met was informed Not to use it or something about ash/non ash...
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    Tcw3 oil or not....

    so for my 750pro I've been using Quicksilver with Tcw3. What oil do ya all suggest? I'm moving into the 800sxr ski now...
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    SXR Wet pipe ride time??

    Ya all need to buy a 6.6 gal tank! Lol
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    SXR 6.6 Gallon Fuel Tanks

    Just put yer name down for a bigger tank and problem solved! Lol
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    Sxr 800 or Sxr 1500...

    Dang! what kind of kid doesn't want to race that barge? Lol Oh and Nate... yer phone is almost dead! Lol
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    Here comes the gun confiscation.

    Texas ROCKS!! Everything is legal here! lol Including my full auto toys, suppressors for hunting, bazillion round magazines, grenades, claymores, bazookas etc! YES it's all legal here!! Lol
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    Here comes the gun confiscation.

    Democrats Lol next they'll want to ban our Jet Skis!! Oh that's right, they already did for 2 strokes in Crazifornia! Lol
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    Old dog back on a ski....

    Here's some good advice.... what ever shape you think your in, it isn't good enough!! Lol Hit the gym and work your quads, lats, back, bi's and tri's. I work a lot for a living and those muscles were sore for 2 days after my 1st welcome back ride! Lol
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    Sxr 800 or Sxr 1500...

    My thoughts exactly Kahuna. How the heck is that 1500 barge with handlepole gonna jump a even a ripple? Lol Besides I already have a 1500 Sxr minus the handlepole. It's called a Seadoo Gtx! Lol
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