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  • hello for more info from lenz1one hull please contact me by email,




    Lenz1one Team
    John, Looks like Pismo is a sure thing. I have a friend(Mark Murphy) who goes out there from Chicago every year. He is bringing my boat out. If you are there just look for the FJ40 with Illinois plates.
    Yeah I thought I would offer it because if I ever traveled to the East Coast it would be pretty cool to hook up with some fellow riders who could spot me a boat. I was concerned about rolling or flipping it because like I said I just got it and hadn't reinforced it yet. I've got it all apart now getting that done. As for Pismo I might be there but honestly despite what you read here on the X Pismo is a blown out Shiz hole with poor quality surf. I would never say that on the X because That would just start some fights but its true. Since I live here in Oceanside its hard to justify the 4 hr drive to ride surf thats way worse than what I have at home. I may go just for the social part of it. If you ever get a chance to ride down here its much better. We do get our bad days but generally theres very little wind and our surf is much better quality. PM me if you end up going so we can put a face to a name. Unfortunately my spare SJ will not be ready by then

    Chad we (the o'side crew) will be riding on 4/11 and I may (Thats a may) have my spare SJ running by then. We usually ride around 7:30-8:00am. If you can be in O'side at that time you are welcome to ride it. HOWEVER there are a few conditions- No B-rolls or BF's because I just picked this thing up and it has not been reinforced and does not have footholds, so straight surf riding only. Also are you traveling alone? Because where we park/launch and where we ride are several miles apart so unfortunately this offer is only good for one person (yourself) John 760-559-7287
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