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  1. MarkWalker

    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    January will be here before you know it. The host Resort is booking up faster than ever. Sponsors are lining up. Who all is headed to the premier event on the east coast?
  2. MarkWalker

    Shelf clean up

    A few parts left. MSD coil. Came out of running ski $40 RRP scupper. Used, still good $20 Everything else is sold. Thanks everyone! All prices are Plus Shipping and PP fees.
  3. MarkWalker

    This weekend July 16-18 2021 it's a go!

    Come on out to beach 10 (Budney Beach) at Presque Isle State Park this weekend.
  4. MarkWalker

    Pre-08 Round Nose Ride Plate

    Hi. Looking for a Pre-08 RN aftermarket ride plate. Just seeing what's out there before I buy new. Thanks!
  5. MarkWalker

    High RPM on start up after sitting.

    Anytime my ski sits for a few days, when I go to start it, the RPM's go way up for about 20 seconds (feels like forever) and then slowly comes back down to idle. Any idea how I can stop this from happening? Thanks! 964 TPE Dasa 48's RRP pipe Zeel
  6. MarkWalker

    B-pipe advice

    Looking for a little advice. I recently picked up a RN with a smoked piston. Made a few changes. Was a 62T cylinder. Changed to 61X cylinder, had it ported with "Yamanube" templates. The ski came with a FX1 chamber B-pipe. I also have a brand new Mod chamber B-pipe. So. Do I run the FX1 chamber...
  7. MarkWalker

    RN WaterBox

    I'm looking for an OEM round nose waterbox. Message me what you have!
  8. MarkWalker

    Wanted: Zeel Wiring diagram for installing curve switch

    Hi. Without having to go thru the 70 pages on the Zeel unit. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to install a switch for the 2 curve set up? Thank You!
  9. MarkWalker

    Zeel switch?

    What's everybody using for a curve changing switch on their Zeeltronics? And pics of where you mounted it! Thanks!
  10. MarkWalker

    SV-1 Ride plate

    Anyone have a spare ride plate for an TigerCraft SV-1 they would like to sell? Thank You!
  11. MarkWalker

    Adjusting the drag on a Thrust OVP steering.

    Is there an adjustment to tighten a Thrust OVP steering somehow? I would like to have a little more drag on my steering. Thank you!
  12. MarkWalker

    2020 Who's going?

    July 10-12 Presque Isle Free ride. Roll call!
  13. MarkWalker

    Tech advice

    I need some suggestions. Recently my Father passed away. While going through the voicemail on my phone, I found I have 4 messages from him saved. How can I save them forever? It was great to hear his voice again, (even if it was to tell me I need to clean the snow if his satellite dish). Just...
  14. MarkWalker

    Blowsion HD Steer cable

    Brand new Blowsion HD Steer cable with no-slop rod ends. $120. Plus PP and shipping.
  15. MarkWalker

    Limitedslip 4.7 Tank

    Selling my Limited slip tank. 4.7 gallon Battery holder Fuel sight option Bottom turfed Used 1 season, maybe 10-12 rides Excellent condition. $300. Daytona delivery available.
  16. MarkWalker

    SV1 Hoodseal?

    Hi, What hood seal is everybody using on older SV-1's? (Pre-pour in)
  17. MarkWalker

    Vintage Aquajet's

    Not mine! But I know some guys like to collect oddball stuff here. Located in Rochester NY.
  18. MarkWalker

    Happy Birthday 96superjet!

    The big Five-O! Now celebrate by buying yourself a PV big Bore.....
  19. MarkWalker

    Question for anyone running DASA carbs

    Is the return drilled out on DASA 48's? Do I need to run a restrictor jet in the return line?
  20. MarkWalker

    The Boys

    Anyone else watching The Boys on Amazon Prime? 3 episodes in and I am hooked!
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