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  1. CnortSj7

    Roll call 2021

    We are thinking about riding diaz Tuesday afternoon, then surf Wednesday
  2. CnortSj7

    Roll call 2021

    At least 2 of us from Syracuse Ny will be heading down
  3. CnortSj7

    XS 1400 Carbon DVX

    Does this do Doubles? Bump :P
  4. CnortSj7

    Kawasaki 750 sxi pro Stock exhaust

    Looking to buy Kawasaki 750 sxi Pro Stock Exhaust system. Let me know what you have! Thank you!
  5. CnortSj7

    Novi 48s

  6. CnortSj7

    O’Neill Dry Suit ***SIZE SMALL***

    Pablo, how tall are you? I'm 5'6" and wondering if this would fit.
  7. CnortSj7

    Used Riva/R&D Superjet/Blaster Tri-Loader Intake Grates

    @zeski25 is this the grate we were talking about at cross lake?
  8. CnortSj7

    550SX Exhaust System

    Did this Pipe sell?
  9. CnortSj7

    Msd enhancer and 62t stator and flywheel

    ill take the stator! PM paypal and for address
  10. CnortSj7

    Sold! Oem 62t stator and flywheel

    Ill take it
  11. CnortSj7

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    I've got everything, thanks everyone!! Superjetnj thanks for the flywheel offer.
  12. CnortSj7

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    Stator found! Just looking for a stock Lightened 62T flywheel.
  13. CnortSj7

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    Bendix Found, still looking for 62T stator and lightened flywheel
  14. CnortSj7

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    Yep, I have a priced out list everything that Chris has, seeing if i cant get some stuff a little cheaper, If not I will 100% go through Chris as I have in the past.
  15. CnortSj7

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    Stator came loose in my 2014 Super jet and destroyed everything in this area including my Lightened flywheel by zero. Looking for a clean used stator and bendix, woul like a lightened flywheel but can also send a stock one to zero. Please let me know what you have. Phone number 203-848-5333...
  16. CnortSj7

    SOLD ADA 8mil 950 shortblock w/intake

    @Moto360 Josh's Green ski?
  17. CnortSj7

    Found: Blue Thrust trim Lever

    Trim Levers Found
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