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    Factory pipe exhaust manifold. SOLD

    61x manifold. ported and polished to 47.5 mm New gasket included All 3 headpipe holes have helicoils. Dual cooling $250 shipped USPS Call or text me. I'm not on this site much anymore. 760-914-2729
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    HPE 809 SOLD

    $1900 + shipping 5mm ADR/HPE crank cases ported and epoxied stage 2 ported cylinder ProX 84mm pistons ADA head with HPE stroker pump gas domes low hours, have to double check the hour meter but probably less than 20 Call or text 760-914-2729
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    The highest back flip ever! Mountain riding

    Wondering if anyone else rides at high elevation? I flipped my hurricane at Grant lake, CA. Elevation 7136 ft. It was a half ass 3/4 flip to sub but I did pop back out and ride it out standing with my feet still in the tray. I know it wasn't a clean plate to plate flip and my head was probably...
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    Not starting, bad starter?

    My ski will barely turn over, even with jumper cables on a car battery and with the plugs out. Not even close to fast enough to start. Battery has good voltage but have not load tested it. Does it sound like a bad starter or relay or....? Defiantly not looking forward to pulling the pipe and...
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    How do i use a 62t gasket with 61x manifold?

    What is the trick to mount the 62t exhaust gasket on a 62t cylinder using a FP 61x manifold with the smaller bolt holes? I have time certs in the cylinder threads to use the smaller bolts but the larger holes in the gasket lets it fall down and block the exhaust.
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    How much compression can I get away with on my ET 967

    I have my engine set up for 180psi at my altitude 7800' (yes 7800 ft) and wanted to ride my ski at 1000' this weekend. I already planned on rejeting but just thinking about the compression too. Did the math and unless im wrong I would be in 225-230 neiborhood. Can I run race gas and be ok or is...
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    How to jet when upsizing carbs?

    I may be upgrading my 44s to 46s. Wondering if I should start off with the same jetting, or go bigger.
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    is deka 16L a good battery for huricane?

    ready for a new battery and thought I read that guys like deka batterys not sure what one to get. its going in a hurricane hull with ET 967 between the firewall and TNT pipe. need a smaller one so I can get it in and out but want to be sure it has enough CCAs not set on deka but looking for...
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    is a hooker 9/15 too small for ET967?

    wondering if I should try a steeper pitch hurricane hull with 144 solas mag and 9/15 ET 967 with tnt v3 and dual 44s ***riding at 5000'-7200' altitude***
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    No spark until I stop starting?????

    what does this mean?? Not getting spark when pushing start button but get 1 spark the instant I let off of the button? Super frustrated. Need some advice
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    What are these extra ebox wires for?

    I got this 61x ebox and wondering what the plug I am holding with 4 wires is for. I know the other 2 plugs are for the stop start. Is is for gauges or something on a couch? Can I trace them back to the box and delete them?
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    questions with assembling solas mag pump

    im getting ready to put the bearings and driveshaft in the pump and plan on using the hot/cold method I could not find this searching but what order and what direction do the seals go? my other question is with grease on the bearings. should I pack both bearings with marine grease before I...
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    is a WDK ROK and ROK-R the same?

    I see some called rok and some called rokr. wondering if they are different hulls or people just don't put the r on the end and are they considered more of a rec hull or surf or flatwater? I know the rip is the new one wondering if this is a hull that can backflip and still chase a boat wake
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    why does my ski run like crap after a deep sub?

    Im sure it has to do with water in the hull but both my superjet and 550 run like sh*t after a nice deep sub I usually just park them and take a break and they run fine after 30 minutes or so both skis running rule 500 pumps turned on before subbing ebox and air intakes don't seem to be wet...
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    Super Jet Do you put an O-Ring head on dry? or add some sealant

    never ran one before but wondering if I should add some 5200 around the cooling passages or just slap it on and ride. I checked the head for flatness and got brand new o rings for it wont be able to check cylinder for flatness until stock head comes off just wondering what You guys do
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    why is my SN pole holder so hard to release?

    is there a trick to these? is mine bad? am I doing it wrong? been riding 550s for ahwile and just got a SN SJ for this season. after i put my hood back on its a PITA to release the pole pin holder upper thing and i have to use a screwdriver or something please help and thanks
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