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  1. CnortSj7

    Kawasaki 750 sxi pro Stock exhaust

    Looking to buy Kawasaki 750 sxi Pro Stock Exhaust system. Let me know what you have! Thank you!
  2. CnortSj7

    WTB Stator, Lightened Flywheel, bendix

    Stator came loose in my 2014 Super jet and destroyed everything in this area including my Lightened flywheel by zero. Looking for a clean used stator and bendix, woul like a lightened flywheel but can also send a stock one to zero. Please let me know what you have. Phone number 203-848-5333...
  3. CnortSj7

    Found: Blue Thrust trim Lever

    Possibly in the market for a Blue thrust trim lever, let me know whatcha got.
  4. CnortSj7

    Used Oem parts Updated and prices reduced again

    Cleaned out my garage this weekend and have many parts I am looking to get rid of. Most of these parts have come off of stock skis I have parted out and used other parts from. Some of the parts are in good shape others not so much and will need some TLC. The pricing is what I think they are...
  5. CnortSj7

    300 SX parts

    Possibly snagging a 300 sx this weekend as a project and a ski for the little cousins to ride. Supposedly a complete with all the parts in a box and an engine with 150 psi. Anyone have any spare 300 SX parts lying around they would be interested in getting rid of? I know it will need a few misc...
  6. CnortSj7

    Inner Hull Detachment

    Hey fellas, the bottom of my engine bay is beginning to detach from the Hull in my wb1. I'm wondering what the best plan of action is, get a new hull or fix it. The hull is very clean outside of this issue. Personally I would like to fix it and would like knw the best process to do so...
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