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    ? about cold weather snap in Dallas TX and winterizing my 3 skis. HELP!

    So we bought 3 new skis and a boat for the new lake house and this is the first winter we have gone through with them. The vessels are as follows 2017 SXR1500 sits inside attached garage on stand 2015 Kawi STX15f sits outside under carport on trailer with jet ski cover and blanket in engine...
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    Oil and Filter options for 2017 SXR?

    I want to do an oil change on the new 2017 SXR. What oil and filter are you guys running? Do these engines do better on convential or syn oil? I thought the manual called for regular oil. Also can I use any kind of 10w40 oil or does it have to be marine specific? Does anyone have part numbers...
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    How to buff sun faded black gel coat and good hull cleaner suggestions?

    I bought a nice 2017 SXR 1500 yesterday for a great deal but it sat out in the sun it looks like for 2 years and has some light oxidation and also sat in the water for some time and the bottom hull needs a deep cleaning. What do you all suggest for both? Anything around the house I can use to...
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    Considering buying a 2017 SXR 1500, a few ?'s

    I am looking at picking a 17 SXR up for $4500 with no trailer and have always loved standups and have had numerous Superjets in the past. Does anyone have one? What are your thoughts and opinions? Any real problems or weak spots on this ski? What do you think about the deal at $4500? Original...
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    Having a low speed stumble on 13 SJ, how to clean carbs? Causing any damage?

    Hey guys, I have an all stock 2013 Superjet that has really low hours and has not been used all that much before I got it. I have taken it out twice and noticed that at low speeds and throttle if you give it too much throttle it sputters and even dies at times if it is cold. Once I get it up to...
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    How much water is acceptable to take on in a stock 2013 Superjet?

    Hey guys, bought a stock 2013 SJ over the winter and was only able to ride it for about 15 minutes when I bought it and ran great. After taking the hood off though after running I did notice maybe an inch or two of water in the bottom of the hull. I know it was dry before I started. I have...
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    Anyone ever used Star Brite Super Premium 2-Cycle TC-W3 Engine Oi?

    Anyone ever used this type of PWC oil? I have a 2013 stock Yamaha Superjet and saw this on sale and thought it might be a decent buy, but wanted opinions before buying.
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    Are all Intake Grates interchangable between SN and RN?

    I bought a nice stock 2013 Superjet a few weeks ago and over winter I am going to do some light mods. Looking at intake grates on eBay and some say they are only for SN and some say they fit any year SJ. What is the real answer and I found a preowned one off a 95 SJ but afraid to buy it if it...
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    Looking for parts for my stock 2013 SJ, Intake Grate, Ride Plate, Spring, ETC

    I am buying a nice 2013 Yamaha Superjet that is bone stock. I am looking to iumprove the handling hookup and stability. Do not care all that much about engine mods and do not want to sacrafice reliability at all. Let me know what you have and I am willing to provide a shipping label for all...
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    WTB SXR or SuperJet in Dallas / Fort Worth Texas

    I am currently in the market for a clean used ski in the DFW metroplex or surrounding areas. Shoot me a message or reply to this thread with what you got.
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    Looking to buy a Superjet or SXR in Dallas Fort Worth Texas

    I am currently in the market for a clean used ski in the DFW metroplex or surrounding areas. Shoot me a message or reply to this thread with what you got.
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    Anyone got a hitch hauler for a standup ski near DFW?

    Anyone got one they want to sell? I am in the market and just wanted to check before I ordered the EZ ski one in late spring.
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    What steps to take to winterize my 2015 superjet

    This is the first year I have had the ski and I'm curious what steps you guys take to winterize
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    do you think this stand up jet ski receiver hitch carrier would be strong and secure?the

    I have a 2015 Yamaha superjet and a guy at the lake this weekend showed me is set up with this receiver hitch carrier and two by four bunks. It is pretty cool because it has a handle to raise and lower the carrier by a total of 13 in but I wanted everyone's opinion on if you think it will be...
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    Best place to get a Hitch Carrier for my 2015 Superjet?

    I have a nice trailer but may want to get a trailer hitch carrier for it as well. Where is the best/most cost effective place to get one of these that will be safe for my new baby.
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    Solas or R&D Scoop Intake Grate on Stock 2015 SJ?

    I am grabbing a new intake grate for my new 2015 SJ that is bone stock except and extended pump nozzle. I have two local options of an R&D or a Solas. What would you suggest? Trying to keep it under $100 if possible.
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    Quick Spark Plug part number ? on 2015 SJ

    Buying plugs for the new Superjet and wanted to know which one of these I needed and what the difference was both are B7HS but just not sure what the other numbers mean...
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    Bought a CLEAN 2015 Superjet, evaluate my deal and a few other ?'s

    I just bought a CLEAN 2015 roundnose Superjet with about 20-25 hours on it that is completely stock with a super nice custom trailer for $7500. Is that a good deal as the ski runs good? Are there any problem areas with the ski? The guy I am buying it from said he used Yamahlube 50 to 1 mix, just...
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