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  1. Pro-pulsion

    Want to Buy Stock take-off black OEM Round Nose Rail Plastics

    Spring refresher bump. Original seller plan couldn't work out feasibly so back on the request list.
  2. Pro-pulsion

    Is Novi-Tec Out Of Business?

    Still no luck, PHP can't help. He said whenever he needed rebuild kits Tim just sent them. He has no idea what hardware these will need.
  3. Pro-pulsion

    Most 2021 Yamaha pwc sold out?

    My local Yammy dealer said the same here in southeastern Ontario Canada. Last month they had about 3 new skis left in their undelivered inventory, maybe 4 atvs, and just a few boats. They have to rely on service and accessory sales now to carry them over until next year's shipment. They still...
  4. Pro-pulsion

    Is Novi-Tec Out Of Business?

    Is Tim the Novi guy? I'm not in the know of all the performance guys. If Tim is the Novi guy though I've left a message with him in every format I have access to with no response.
  5. Pro-pulsion

    Is Novi-Tec Out Of Business?

    These are the first and only Novis I have ever worked with so I have no knowledge about them. But one of our own here suggested I contact the guy direct because he did a lot of different things with his carbs. I don't want to order just any 48 rebuild kits if there is going to be fitment issues...
  6. Pro-pulsion

    Is Novi-Tec Out Of Business?

    I have been trying to get a response from him for about a month now, a friend of mine has tried his fb page, I sent him an email, phone call, text. He still has a voicemail and website but no response. I need to replace a pair of 48mm throttle shaft kits for a pair of old black Maxflow carbs. I...
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