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  1. Pro-pulsion

    Is Novi-Tec Out Of Business?

    I have been trying to get a response from him for about a month now, a friend of mine has tried his fb page, I sent him an email, phone call, text. He still has a voicemail and website but no response. I need to replace a pair of 48mm throttle shaft kits for a pair of old black Maxflow carbs. I...
  2. Pro-pulsion

    The Most Useless But Most Comical YouTube Videos Thread

    This thread has no point other than the pure comedic gold of the tube :) Post em if you got em! Here's one of my favorites, it's from Dorkly, they have many that I'll be posting here lol...
  3. Pro-pulsion

    Hydrogen Fuelled Toyota - It's About Freakin' Time!

    I just saw this, Toyota is now producing a hydrogen fuel powered car. It's about freakin' time a major auto manufacturer took this bull by the horns instead of letting the backyard guy make all the effort and have the big oil companies gun him down for threatening their business. Toyota needs to...
  4. Pro-pulsion

    The Transformer Era

    Is it just me and a handful of others or has anyone else noticed there was a real trend toward everything looking like a transformer? :oops: The Honda Civic was starting to really look horrid but the 2022 model is finally starting to look like a decent functional unit again. The SD Spark still...
  5. Pro-pulsion

    Want to Buy Stock take-off black OEM Round Nose Rail Plastics

    Hey y'all, I'm looking to buy a clean complete set of stock take-off black OEM round nose plastics for the full bond line. Nose bumper, rear corners, rear tray trim and side strips etc...fasteners that come with them too if possible, and if a stock rn rideplate is floating around I'm interested...
  6. Pro-pulsion

    The Most Useful YouTube Videos Thread

    I thought this thread would make for some fun watching during those times we're all stuck at home but also be equally as informative. My intention is to post up any of the most useful YouTube channels or instructional videos I find. Example, I have been following a channel called Project Farm...
  7. Pro-pulsion

    For The Health & Well Being Of Us All

    I found this very important video that all people in a marriage/relationship must watch. It's for the betterment of the relationship and to help extend your life span :)
  8. Pro-pulsion

    Wanted: Stock 1996-2007 Round Nose Ride Plate

    Does anyone have a stock 96-07 rn sj ride plate just hanging around? ...and available for sale?
  9. Pro-pulsion

    If You Only Had 15 Days...

    Guys n gals, I'm trying to rack my brains here and think it's time to get some suggestions. My current place of employment is going to fold, it's official and I only have 15, maybe 17 working days left to make some basic hardware for the SJ. I only have access to a worn out old manual lathe and...
  10. Pro-pulsion

    NLA - Brand New Matched Set SBN 46 Carbs & 64X Intake

    No longer available, not sold just going to use them now that I'm back to work :)
  11. Pro-pulsion

    Vforce 2 Reeds - SOLD

    I have a set of nice and clean Vforce 2 reeds up for grabs, $165.00 usd shipped to anywhere in Canada or the lower 48. The photos show side A and side B, not just repositioned for different perspective :)
  12. Pro-pulsion

    Dry Pipe Solid Mounting

    Has anyone ever tried to solid mount their dry pipe instead of using the Lord mounts? I have a Speedwerx pipe that I would like to get back into action. Previously I snapped the o-ring spigot off from some harsh landings which now has me wondering if the Lord mounts allow too much movement...
  13. Pro-pulsion

    62t Boyesen RAD Intake

    I am considering buying a complete Boyesen RAD intake or just the complete RAD valves if the intake is a no show, figured I should ask around and see what's available. Shipping would be going to Canada, let me know you have, thanks.
  14. Pro-pulsion

    Boyesen RAD Valve Models

    What's the difference between Boyesen RAD valve models? Boyesen has them listed for the 96-2012 rn sj as - 131, 131a, 131p, 131r. They don't post any photos, and the description is the same across the board for all of them. They all cost the same except the 131a, it's double the price.
  15. Pro-pulsion

    96-07 RN SJ sponsons

    So my last ride out a few weeks ago ended with me finding that I have snapped a sponson off. They're getting up there in age anyway, an old set of Tom21 sponsons when he just started taking over for #zero in making them. The water finally weaseled its way under the added 3M 5200 sealant and...
  16. Pro-pulsion

    Intake Manifolds

    I've not really paid much attention to it until recently but why do all or almost all of the aftermarket intake manifolds for the SuperJet (62t cases) have the throttle cable mount on the opposite side of the OEM setup? I've read about, if I recall correctly, something called the left turn...
  17. Pro-pulsion

    The greatest question of all time

    Finally! Someone has answered the most pressing and monumental question of our time. CAN YOU...use honey in your engine crankcase when nothing else is available. FINALLY the debate is over and the answer has been provided. With the new 4-stroke SuperJet coming out, this just might be the...
  18. Pro-pulsion

    Dual SBN 44's - SOLD

    I just received these but am going a different direction so no longer need them. $220 usd shipped, I will cover the paypal fees (and shipping, that's why it says shipped) :) Packaged up and ready to go anywhere within Canada or the lower 48.
  19. Pro-pulsion

    Retro Women's Jetpilot Wetsuits

    I'm posting these new old stock suits for a friend. 3 Jetpilot Apex Race wetsuits, $125.00 usd +pp and shipping each. The blue one is an xl, the two pink ones are medium, one pink one is slightly faded. All are full suits with jackets. I will be accepting the payments for her and forwarding them...
  20. Pro-pulsion

    No longer applicable - Thank you to everyone though =)

    Hey y'all. I'd like to find a clean set of 62t cases hopefully from a freshwater ski. No case porting or modifications done please. Just the OEM way they come from Yamaha is my interest. I may be wrong but aren't 64x cases the same as 62t? The only difference being the x cases have dual pulse...
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