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    SXI WSM throttle cable

    Does anyone have the proper throttle cable number for a 95 SXI? I ordered part number 002-031-01 which WSM lists for a 95 sxi and it’s over 2 feet too short.

    Big Pin 750 intake manifold

    Looking for a dual MIKUNI big pin intake manifold. Came on 750 sxi pro and I believe the SXR is the same.

    Fuel Pickup

    I’m in the process of refreshing my 750sx and I broke one of the fuel pickup tubes in the tank. I’ve been thinking about deleting the fuel selector so I’m just looking for ideas of what people are running for pickups. I really like the Rad Dudes X2 pickup but it obviously won’t fit a 750sx...

    750sx Skat 9/17 Jet Dynamics plate

    Looking for Kawi 750sx parts: Skat Trak 9/17 impeller Jet Dynamics extended ride plate (JJ casting)

    Carb noob pop off question

    Earlier this year I picked up a WB1 after a few years of on and off searching. It has a 62t/61x, stock 38s, Factory limited pipe, and Ocean Pro Flame arrestors. I am experiencing a mid range bog/hesitation most noticeable when I get off throttle and quickly back on. The ski starts and idles...

    Transom toe downs

    Can you guys post some pics of how you’re tying down the back of your ski. I’m setting up my new trailer for my blaster and 750sx and I’m looking for some ideas.
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