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    Help needed locating Wetbike parts and more

    Sorry. Nothing really to add. Owned one in the past. FUN toy !!
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    How many swim noodles?

    Just curious. Instead of noodles , why not use sections of a 250 lb capacity life vest. Still kind of hickerbilly but effective.
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    Trinity matrix pro

    That's what I figured. Thanx
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    Trinity matrix pro

    Curious. When people use the term "flat water". Do they mean just riding on flat water or do they mean being able to flip in flat water with no wake for help ?
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    Congrats. Thank You for letting me know.

    Congrats. Thank You for letting me know.
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    Saw an old post. Curious. Do you still have that aluminum handle pole for sale ? Is it shorter...

    Saw an old post. Curious. Do you still have that aluminum handle pole for sale ? Is it shorter than stock ? Thank You. Jeff
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    Other Not a word?

    The nerve of them.
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    How deep do skis sink?

    Still wish you the best of luck !!
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    Superjet 2005 struggles (startup)

    WOW. Three in a row. That's bad !!
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    ? about cold weather snap in Dallas TX and winterizing my 3 skis. HELP!

    Some people put a 60 watt incandescent ( NOT LED ) light bulb in engine compartment and close the cover. Heat from bulb warms the air in the compartment.
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    Ebox screws?

    Forget the size but I changed to stainless hex head on my older ski. If I remember correctly, I think that I bought them at Menards.
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    Help Choosing Paint and Graphics Colors

    I have the yellow 90 and 91 colors that I really don't care for. The 94 and 95 colors really stand out.
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    Yamaha 760 Engine help

    Sorry for the hijack. Since mikidymac posted prior.Curious-does anyone know what my 62N was originally installed in ?
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    How deep do skis sink?

    Feel bad for you but best of luck on your next ski build.
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    Headed home with a couple new skis

    Very nice find !!
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    What kind of pipe is this

    Looks like my Riva pipe.
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    Superjet spark plug

    Ok. Thank You. Seems like it would have more protection.
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    Superjet spark plug

    Just out of curiosity , if you have resistor caps - can you still run resistor plugs ? I realize that it is over kill but is it bad ?
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    2010 SJ intermittent stall below half tank

    1990 SN 650. Mine just started doing something similar. 1/2 tank - ski bogs and bogs some more then stalls. I have to give it a little gas and sometimes have to use the choke to start it then ride slowly back to the house. Fuel up then acts like nothing happened. Going to watch this thread...
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