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    S/E Michigan mechanic wanted

    Looking for a mechanic to do some engine work. Crankshaft seals , rings and electronic work . More or less to go through the engine . 1994 Superjet with 718 motor. Please message me if you are qualified and interested . Thank You . Jeff
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    Bilge pump

    Just curious if anyone knows what a stock 1990 - 650 bilge pump is for GPH ? When I put my finger on the tube end , I can feel air pull but just barely. I will probably put a regular bilge pump in regardless but just curious.
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    62N ?

    Curious- has anyone ever heard of a 62N motor ? Mis - stamp maybe ? This is the number that is stamped on my motor. I've googled it to no avail. Motor also says J700E on the Yamaha stamp. Ski is a 1994 SN . Realise that motor might not be original to the ski.
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    ski losing power

    I had my flywheel off of my 1990 650 earlier this year. About a month ago , ski started to lose power gradually over the course of a couple of days. Eventually it would turn over but not start. After pulling my hair out for a couple of days, pulled cover off and noticed shattered woodruff key...
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    650 to 701 swap

    Curious, can a 1990 650 engine be swapped out for a 1994 701 engine pretty easily ? The 1990 is in a Superjet . The 1994 would be coming out of a Waverunner lll. I have not seen the Waverunner yet . Would the e box be the same also ? Size and dimensions for e box and engine ?
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    S/S switch test

    1994 701 engine. Had an electrical problem last year and put in a new S/S switch . Turned out that the old S/S switch was good all along . So now I have two ( I would assume are good) S/S switches. When I hit the switch , nothing at all . No clicks or anything . Put new solenoid plus positive...
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    SN hood spring

    1994 SN . One of my hood springs broke. When I put the good spring and broken spring side by side they are NOT mirror images of each other . Question- are they supposed to be mirror images ? Also, I was going to try to get it welded . If I can't weld it , does anybody know where a source is to...
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    Exhaust leak

    Just put engine back in my Superjet and dummy me forgot that there was an exhaust leak that started last Fall . Had the engine out all Winter and the leak totally slipped my mind ( brainless wonder that I am ). Leak is small so going to run it while doing work on my primary ski . Gotta have one...
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    Michigan Superjet repair ??

    Anybody in the Michigan - Northern Ohio area that is knowledgeable with Superjet repair. Pretty sure that I need a rebuild and I am not a mechanic (just a water shmuck who loves to ride). Would like to find someone knowledgeable who would like to take on the project . Could take it to water...
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    Intermittant misfire

    1994 SN - 701 . Ski runs great until about 15 minutes or so . Engine then misfires . Best way to describe it is a low decibel machine gun like fire . Can not get RPMs up . After about 5 minutes , it clears right up for about 5 minutes or so and then does it again . Last time that it did it...
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    No start issue

    Let me start off with saying - not a mechanic by any means . 1990 - 650 square nose. Push start button - no click and no start . I have replaced S/S switch , starter relay , positive cables from battery to starter relay and from starter relay to starter . I also put in a new ground cable and...
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    Ski bogs

    Not a mechanic. Ski usually runs good and is responsive first or two jumps . Seems like when I go over a few boat waves while throttling it or come out of a slide - when I hit the throttle it bogs down . If I feather throttle , it usually catches and rpms increase . Carb, Stator - Ideas ? .
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    Starter Bad ?

    New S/S switch . When I push start button nothing happens . Touch both connections at solenoid and sometimes get starter to turn over - sometimes nothing and sometimes starter barely turns over . Have to assume starter is bad . Anyway to check ?
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    Impeller question

    I have a 1990 SN stock 650 with stock impeller. I don't care about speed only fast takeoffs and jumping . I have a 15/19 impeller laying around . Would that impeller be ok or too steep for it ?
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    Impeller upgrade advise

    I have a 1990 Superjet with a 650. I also have a 1994 Superjet bored out to 719 with a Riva Red pipe. I currently have a Hooker 10/16 in the 1994. I would like to put the Hooker 10/16 in the 1990 stock 650 and upgrade my impeller in the 1994 . I am looking for advise as to what would be a good...
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