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  1. Vumad

    3.0? For spraying gelcoat.

    Gelcoat spray gun question here. I currently have an assortment of spray guns. The one I use the most for gelcoat repair is the Aeropro, which I think might now be TCP global, 2.5mm HVLP spray gun which was recommended to me by @Nate_D...
  2. Vumad

    Power valve options

    The stock cylinders have a very nice smooth powerband but lack a lot of the power that ported motors do, but ported motors lose the linear band and sacrifice something somewhere. Are there any options for powervalve top end kits that are a direct replacement for the OEM cylinders? Something that...
  3. Vumad

    easy composites 3d printed mold tutorial

    I have spoke about this a lot and I believe some others have too. Well Easy Composites made a really good video explaining the process. So you can either 3d print a plug, and work it to lift a production mold. Or in the case of this video, you can 3d print a mold to use just once or twice and...
  4. Vumad

    Other Tapatalk blowing up my email

    I gave in and got Tapatalk. When I go to my settings and notifications, everything is turned on and grayed out not allowing me to turn it off. The only thing I can disable is the auto subscribe. All of the notification stuff is locked on. Is there something I can do to get it to stop emailing...
  5. Vumad

    SOLD Bench top Manual mill

    $800. Includes mill, cart, vice, collet set, some end mills, drill chuck. Only used it a few times practicing on some aluminum. Was going to convert it to CNC to try to make some small parts, but I found a Grizzly CNC I am going to use. Not able to make any trades right now. Local pickup...
  6. Vumad

    Who made the best hood seal? (all skis)

    Of all the standup / X2 / B1 / etc small skis, who designed the best hood seal? I think the SXR is likely the most effective design.
  7. Vumad

    **NOT MINE** X2 pontoons Orlando, FL

    Here's the facebook marketplace link. I already own a set.
  8. Vumad

    Blippi rides a 650sx

    I found my child's new favorite video. She's pretty excited about it, but not as much as I am.
  9. Vumad

    CNC builds

    I am looking for a general purpose CNC controller setup. Something with at least 4 axis that supports spindle control, limits, home, and tooling calibration (not sure the name but where it pushes the bit into the sensor to calibrate Z height on a mill). I want a controller / stepper that could...
  10. Vumad

    Dust management for the hobbiest

    I am talking large amounts of dust. Sanding a mostly flat surface to prep for paint with a vacuum disc is manageable. Grinding out large areas of damage and prepping them for new glass generates a bunch of dust. High speed grinders, discs on die grinders and other tools for these not flat...
  11. Vumad

    Possible toy hauler

    This is NOT mine. It could make a good toy hauler for a stand up.
  12. Vumad

    Banner / ad changes

    Are the banners and ads suppose to be showing up in the sub forums on the same lines as the topics? This change seems to have just occurred and does not appear to be a positive one. I'm now seeing banners on the same lines as the post topics and some of the banners are quite large, completely...
  13. Vumad

    Mini toolbox on craigslist.

    Way too expensive for the kid, but man, you'd have the coolest kid on the block if it's in your budget.
  14. Vumad

    750ss still in crate

    Not mine but looks legit. Pretty impressive.
  15. Vumad


    I found a used eGPU on craigslist so I went ahead and got it. I have believed eGPU are the future for a while now and they are finally catching on which is pretty exciting. This is my macbook pro with the 2.2 ghz quad. This is the eGPU I got...
  16. Vumad

    Good video on CAD hardware

    A while back I was asking about hardware for CAD. Here is a really good video that answers all of those questions (although my question was regarding laptops.) Linus Tech Tips and TechQuickie (same guy, shorter videos) have some pretty good videos.
  17. Vumad

    PC i7-8700k gtx 1060 6gb $999 Be sure to click the link so the X gets a little commission. EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8700K (3.70 GHz) EVGA Z370 FTW Motherboard EVGA RGB CPU Liquid cooler 240 mm 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz 16 GB...
  18. Vumad

    Who can make stuff for others?

    List is in Post #3 There are a lot of people here who can make stuff at home or after work. Some people have mills and lathes at home. Others have access to large plasma cutters after work. Some people are engineering students who need projects to practice on. This is an untapped resource that...
  19. Vumad

    Ebox gasket material

    I'm looking to make a waterproof part that is lexan bolted to aluminum and it needs to be submersable. I figured that the same material as the ebox gasket would work well but am open to other materials. I don't know what material to buy. The gasket would be 14.5x5. I'd be cutting it with an...
  20. Vumad

    Rickter blanks What is this hull built for? Is this a surf hull?
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