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  1. Aquaholic

    Livin' on the Edge!

    With the protracted delays going on 9 months now with getting our new flippy boats, we decided to take a somewhat desperate measure and convert Bobby Bigg's old Edge into a "flatwater" ski. It's not the best platform for this, definetly got us back in the air and will hold us over...
  2. Aquaholic

    Bring the heat!

    Temps are mind searingly hot already. Last weekend the mercury topped out at 118! The forecast showed a cool midweek temp of only 100. So, we jumped at the opportunity. Literally!
  3. Aquaholic

    Edge SX580

    And now for something completely different. Big motors in little hulls...Been there done that. Let's see what happens when the opposite approach is taken.
  4. Aquaholic

    (Found)WTB Yamaha 144 Pump

    I'm looking for a clean Yamaha 144 pump and wear ring. Fresh water preferably.
  5. Aquaholic

    Freestyle New Carb covers

    Thank you Jet Maniac for the swanky new carb cover!
  6. Aquaholic

    Freestyle Steezy!

    Pics from today.
  7. Aquaholic

    "So, you're telling me..."

    "...There's a chance?" Last ride of 2020 with Benny and the Jet.
  8. Aquaholic

    Covid World Finals 2020

    I think Lee was geeking out on the MonsterSX, last weekend.
  9. Aquaholic

    Custom/Hybrid Don't like 4 strokes?

    Hypothetically speaking...Let's say you buy a new 4 stroke watercraft and you find yourself longing for that sound of Braap. Rather than simply fussing with motor swaps, there might be other alternatives!
  10. Aquaholic

    Deep Purple

  11. Aquaholic

    Who likes Weed?

  12. Aquaholic

    Freestyle When Pigs Fly

    Here we have a bouy head with an identity crisis. He (Nick Exotic) sees how much fun us freestyle fairies have, and he tries desparetely to fit in. Should we start a gofundme for Nick Exotic?
  13. Aquaholic

    Used Nitro C1

    I really hate to do this. Our local lakes are closed indefinetly, and the city has zero plans to reopen them anytime soon. So, I have to thin the herd. I spent all winter building this ski. I put everything I had into this build. No expense spared. The fit and finish and composite work of...
  14. Aquaholic

    Pandemic ride

    Some pixels from last weekend.
  15. Aquaholic

    Freestyle Winter Phat

    Some phat (do people still say that?) moves out on the water, yesterday.
  16. Aquaholic

    Too much ain't enough!

    Mike drop.
  17. Aquaholic

    Freestyle Last ride of the decade

    2019- it’s a wrap!
  18. Aquaholic

    Freestyle Braaptastic!

    Some pixels from last weekend.
  19. Aquaholic

    Used XS Trim (New Style) For sale

    XScream Trim. 155/160. New Style. Fresh water only. Extra bushings included. Reduction nozzle has been repaired and reinforced(at mounting points). Includes cable and trim lever. $700 + PP shipped.
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