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  1. Ross12321

    300/440/550 My 550 Build

    I have had this 550 since as long as I could remember. My father has old pictures of me just at 6 months old out on the water putting around with him on this ski. The ski is a 1984 JS550, bone stock with great compression when I received it almost 2 years ago. I was out riding the rivers when a...
  2. Ross12321


    84 550 here, new rebuild with only .5 over on the cylinder. Stock head. I am getting 120psi on both front and back. The compression prior was 125, but the increased bore makes sense the compression is lower. running good on pump mix. A Q for the seasoned builders. What milling specs and/or...
  3. Ross12321


    It has been a while since I have had a chance to log on here. I still have my old JS550 I have been wrenching my nights away on. Over the summer I got it back into working order and took it out for a little fun in the sun on the river. Long story short I blew up the engine, almost sunk the...
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