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  1. Aquaholic

    Custom/Hybrid Mini Monster

    I installed a set of carbon Edge sponsons to the MiniMonster. It was more work than I initially planned on, getting them to fit on the 550 hull. But, rather chuffed how it turned out. Water test this weekend.
  2. Aquaholic

    Joe Kenney loses hood. Does one more huge backflip anyway.

    I ran that same single 44 setup on my 97 Superjet that I won World Finals with.
  3. Aquaholic

    Livin' on the Edge!

    With the protracted delays going on 9 months now with getting our new flippy boats, we decided to take a somewhat desperate measure and convert Bobby Bigg's old Edge into a "flatwater" ski. It's not the best platform for this, definetly got us back in the air and will hold us over...
  4. Aquaholic

    Career out of High school

  5. Aquaholic

    I've got one. It's clean..but, I removed the hose clip.

    I've got one. It's clean..but, I removed the hose clip.
  6. Aquaholic

    Bring the heat!

    So does @rubbertoe .
  7. Aquaholic

    Bring the heat!

    Temps are mind searingly hot already. Last weekend the mercury topped out at 118! The forecast showed a cool midweek temp of only 100. So, we jumped at the opportunity. Literally!
  8. Aquaholic

    Custom/Hybrid Mini Monster

  9. Aquaholic

    (Found)WTB Yamaha 144 Pump

    Found one. Thanks!
  10. Aquaholic

    Edge SX580

    And now for something completely different. Big motors in little hulls...Been there done that. Let's see what happens when the opposite approach is taken.
  11. Aquaholic

    (Found)WTB Yamaha 144 Pump

    I'm looking for a clean Yamaha 144 pump and wear ring. Fresh water preferably.
  12. Aquaholic

    Custom/Hybrid Mini Monster

    Upgrade time. Dropping in the Megastroker 580. Braap enhancement!
  13. Aquaholic

    What's your view look like today?

    Nice, man! Really looking good!
  14. Aquaholic

    Deep Purple

  15. Aquaholic

    Freestyle New Carb covers

    Thank you Jet Maniac for the swanky new carb cover!
  16. Aquaholic

    Deep Purple

    Reunited with my baby after almost 30 years.’s Valentines Day! How appropriate is that? So, to celebrate this special day... I took her to the spa for a complete makeover and spent a ton of $$ on her. You get her in the mood.
  17. Aquaholic

    Freestyle Steezy!

    Pics from today.
  18. Aquaholic

    Deep Purple

    I have a few. PM me.
  19. Aquaholic

    Trim set ups??

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