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    Other Deka ETX-12 replacement?

    I am shopping for a pair of new batteries and am not coming up with too many hits on the Deka ETX batteries. All my old sources have dried up and everything else is either too expensive or too far out for shipping. What’s a decent replacement these days? Looking for AGM, not lead or lithium.
  2. OCD Solutions

    Ski Package Deal - 2010 Trinity Matrix Pro and 07 Freeride SJ on Triton Trailer

    This is a bittersweet topic for me but ultimately, we stopped riding a few years ago and these skis deserve to be ridden. No expense was spared during these builds. I don't have time to nickel and dime so I'm looking for a package sale that includes both skis, SquidMoose Hitch Hauler, my custom...
  3. OCD Solutions

    E Dirt Bike Anyone?

    I'm getting the itch to buy another toy and stumbled across an article on E Dirt Bikes a couple days ago. I haven't been on a dirt bike in decades but love the idea of the KTM Freeride E-XC, does anyone have any experience or...
  4. OCD Solutions

    Need assistance with some drone parts

    Our project manager brought in his drone to fly our site and the intern crashed it today. [emoji16] I dug it out of the trash and brought it home to either rebuild it or part it out to build something else cool and custom. Like a pond scum skimmer I can chase turtles around the pond with...
  5. OCD Solutions

    New Superjet to be dubbed the BN?

    We started with the Square Nose, (SN), progressed to the Round Nose, (RN), and now we are looking forward to the Bottle Nose, (BN)? Any other suggestions or will this stick? :cool:
  6. OCD Solutions

    Online tool for generating printable timing tape, degree wheels and a host of other useful calculators

    This thread needs to be fleshed out with how peeps are using it and eventually added to the Tech section. I have been using this tool at work to calculate belt speeds and ratios but noticed this morning that they now have printable timing tapes and degree wheels. Printable timing tape; Inch...
  7. OCD Solutions

    Seat for a 2000 Polaris SLH

    I have a buddy trying to track down a new seat for his 2000 Polaris SLH. Anyone have one laying around in decent condition? He already bought a new cover so he really only need the plastic portion but I'll look at anything and everything at this point. @Wizards Powersports ?
  8. OCD Solutions

    Anyone coming from the Harrisburg PA area that has room to bring a beach cart?

    I'm looking for somebody who could pick up a beach cart in Harrisburg PA and bring it to Daytona?
  9. OCD Solutions

    Help me solve this mystery! SOLVED!!!!

    Found a bunch of these today and grabbed them thinking they were zip-ties. They don’t function as is so I may be missing a secondary component. Anyone know what they are for? They were found on a construction site so I’m assuming they are related?.?.?
  10. OCD Solutions

    OCD Christmas Vacation Ebox Sale

    I have 3 weeks off during Christmas and am looking for a couple projects to keep me busy and make some money for future projects. I have enough supplies to put together a complete 62T ebox including OCD 62T stator, reman coil, adjustable rpm CDI, surf armor battery cables and new start/stop...
  11. OCD Solutions

    Other Anyone seen a deck like this?

    I’ve thought about setting up a flatbed for hauling skis a few times over the years but never really found anything I liked before. Anyone ever see anything like this before?
  12. OCD Solutions

    Other Battery Tender 49% off on Amazon Black Friday

    Black Friday Deal on Amazon, 5A Battery Tenders on sale for $50.80...
  13. OCD Solutions

    OCD Solutions 2019 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale 15-20% off.

    OCD Solutions will be offering 15% off select items or 20% off your entire order of any 3 or more standard in-stock items. Here is a listing with links to all products that qualify for this sale, including regular prices and quantity on hand. Sale will run through till Cyber Monday at midnight...
  14. OCD Solutions

    Pair of Jetmates in Holly Hill SC

    Not mine, just saw the listing on Craigslist.
  15. OCD Solutions

    Home based FFL in your neighborhood?

    One of our new neighbors just posted a sign in their yard stating that they have requested a zoning change so they may run a home based business. We phoned the county and discovered that they are wanting to run an online gun brokerage business out of their home. I'm pretty sure the online part...
  16. OCD Solutions

    GP760 64X Timing Curve Mapped out

    I can't count how many times I've been asked to map out the OEM 64X Timing curve but it's finally done! It's not what I expected but honestly, I have absolutely no experience with the 760 based skis so I can't say it's good or bad, I just didn't expect the peak timing to occur so late in the...
  17. OCD Solutions

    Other Whole Home Surge Protection

    Anyone else have issues with power surges or lightning strikes? We got hit recently and lost over $2K in electronics at home and over $125k across two different sites during the same storm. We started investigating methods for added protection at work and I came across many similar options for...
  18. OCD Solutions

    Used Beach Cart rims and tires for sale

    I'm finally to the point where i just need to start liquidating parts I have collected for builds that just aren't going to happen. First up are the Beach cart rims and tires I have been holding for over 2 years. The rims are the nylon type with bushing that are sold by Florida Sailcraft. They...
  19. OCD Solutions

    Other Milwaukee M18 - Now the Milwaukee Tool thread

    Pretty sure this will be the Milwaukee deal of the year right here! I had planned to wait another year before upgrading to the M18 but this deal is way too good to pass up...
  20. OCD Solutions

    15ft Hobbie Jet in Bloomingdale GA, (Just outside Savannah).

    Found this on my local Craigslist for $1500. Bloomingdale GA is just outside of Savannah. Seems to be a running unit that could use some TLC. Up for trade of cash offers 15ft Hobbie jet CC 95 sports jet...
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