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    Engine tuning

    Reaching out for some tips on tuning my rebuilt engine. I have a DASA 950 that was modified with a 4mm stroke , running black jack 44s with a zeeltronic(wax curve) b-pipe, pump gas, vforce 3 reeds. Engine has been reassembled and is operating. I ran 10 gallons of 25:1 mixed gas for break in...
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    Engine Rebuild performance issue

    Looking for some suggestions on an engine concern. Just recently rebuild a DASA 950 5mm stroker with new pistons on 2nd bore, with a rebuilt crank. Added a Zeeltronic and Vforce 3 reeds with the rebuild. The engine is running rough at lower RPMs, feeling shaky and unbalanced, it often dies...
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    Which reed stuffer?

    Hi, I was hoping for some feedback. Recently purchased VForce 3 reeds for my rebuild and they came with 2 sets of reeds stuffers. Any recommendation for which stuffer to use? Any significant differences between the 2 styles ? I attached pictures of the stuffers and my intake. Any feedback...
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    Zeeltronic wiring

    Hi, its my first time installing a zeeltronic and was hoping to get a little help and feedback with the wiring. I attached a picture of my wiring I have supplied a fused power wire to the zeel but am not sure if all the wiring is correct, I have 3 leads that i don't see a connection for...
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    Zeeltronic programming

    I just purchased a zeeltronic CDI, the spec sheet provided shows it is setup for the 3 lobe flywheel design, however my flywheel has the 3rd lobe removed. Any suggestions to fix this? Would anyone be willing to program my zeeltronic for the 2 lobes? Price? Thanks
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    Spark Plugs

    Hi Guys I was hoping to ask for a little feedback regarding spark plugs. I had a DASA 950 engine with a 4mil stroke that was hesitating here and there through mid throttle. I thought this might just be a spark plug issue so I decided to purchase replacements, I choose to go with the iridium...
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    MSD 4253 Enhancer Superjet 701/650

    Have an MSD enhancer for sale, new and unused, still in original packing . I purchased this year for ski but never installed Asking $300 + paypal fees shipped
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    Handpole Brand?

    Can anyone help tell me which brand of pole I have? Would like to get a chin pad for it but am unsure what is compatible Any recommendations for a chin pad and where to get them? Would like something other than stock if possible Thanks
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    WANT TO BUY Superjet Chin pad

    Looking for a chin pad for my 2004superjet with an aftermarket aluminum handpole. If have something or know where I could get something would be greatly appreciated .
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    Sponsons Front and rear

    New Front and Rear Sponsons ProWatercraft $420 shipped OBO k
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