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  1. SXIPro

    Good tires cheap...

    Looking for new shoes for the F250. 50/50 local roads/highway never off road. Plus I'll throw a ton of pellets in the bed every 6 weeks in the winter. 265/70R17 My road is very steep, so tires need to be capable in snow. Suggestions? (and, yeah, I'm cheap)
  2. SXIPro

    How often do you check your hardware?

    So, after having to swim my ski in last week because it was acting funny, only to discover the carbs were now held on by one nut and basically flopping in the breeze, I created this poll. And BE HONEST. No shaming please.
  3. SXIPro

    Mounting Hardware for dual 38s? carbs shook loose yesterday. That was fun. Can anyone tell me the nut size that mount dual 38s to a Yami 781BB? (I'm sure the same nut as for a plain old 701) Thanks!
  4. SXIPro

    Anyone have any 25mm HT underpadding?

    Looking to finish my RN tray/footholds. self-adhesive is a plus. Got any?
  5. SXIPro

    Thank you

    No this is not only a thank you for all the guys/gals that have helped me over the years trying to diagnose various ski-related issues or to source parts. Though there are dozens of you in that category. This thank you is far more personal and important for me to communicate. I've had a pretty...
  6. SXIPro

    Decent free anti-virus software?

    Can anyone recommend a decent $0.00 anti-virus software for a non tech savvy old dude? TIA for the help.
  7. SXIPro

    Snowmobile guys...where you be getting your parts?

    Bought a used sled a couple months ago. Haven't owned one in 40 years. Where are y'all buying your parts these days? Back when I was a kid, it was pretty much Dennis Kirk for everything. Shopping for a belt currently but the prices are ridiculous. Anyone ever heard of or bought from V-Belt Guys...
  8. SXIPro

    McMaster or MSC part number for SJ steering ball/stud?

    Yamaha EU0-61461-02-00 I need a handful of these and I'd rather pay a couple bucks each not $9.00 each Or does anyone know the specs? I believe the threads are M6 X 1.0 but I don't know the overall length or the ball diameter. (I am finding a lot for gas springs that have a 10mm ball) Thanks
  9. SXIPro

    Who can 3D print something for me??

    Looking to buy the file from RSKIRiders for one of their steering nozzles. Anyone here have the equipment and time to print one for me if I were to provide the file? Quote for printing and then shipping one (or more) to 01460 please.
  10. SXIPro

    Super Jet Front foothold install help

    After owning a Pancake Pete FFH for 8+ years and having it sit on a shelf, I've decided it would work far better actually installed on my SJ. Unfortunately every thread in reference to the installation of one of these little beauties is broken. are they mounted? I'd imagine there are...
  11. SXIPro

    Am I the only one ? .......

    Me this morning at 4:00 AM : "I've got a couple hours to kill, I'm gonna go finally organize the goddam cellar". Me two hours later: "Ok, I got one tool chest and one drawer of the workbench organized...." UGGH..............
  12. SXIPro

    Tool Guys, revoke my man card...

    The first step to fixing a problem is to admit it, and to own it. So here goes.......I've never owned a decent set of screwdrivers. I've got a million crappy ones..ones that came in sets with all sorts of other tools, you know the drill.. "968 piece tool set for $19.99"...and of course some HF...
  13. SXIPro

    Car detailing guys... input please

    So the guy I picked the Miata up from thought he was doing me a favor by having his brother in law 'detail' it before I picked it up. Not sure what he used on the interior (guessing ArmorAll) but the damn dash board is like fly paper. There is already a ton of crap stuck to it, but the steering...
  14. SXIPro

    Any of you guys do paving?

    Trying to get a ball park estimate on paving a 50 x 15 area as well as fixing a bit of my road because my town sucks at that and did a half assed job and won't come back and correct/complete it. Basically a parking area that is currently gravel topped with 1/2" round river stones. I can move...
  15. SXIPro

    Flooring dudes...input please

    Looking to get rid of carpeting in my front room. This is the room you enter my house thru. So, it's heavily used. I am constantly vacuuming and shampooing it. Rug is way too light in color and shows everything. Its also 23 years old. Plus I live on the water, so it sees lots of muddy feet (dogs...
  16. SXIPro

    Other Exercise Bikes

    Good morning, Looking into getting a stationary bike. Long winters here, and although right now I walk/hike 8 miles a day, that is no freakin fun when it's -10 degrees and dark out, so I need another way of keeping the covid winter blubber off. My son just picked up a Peloton and I tried it...
  17. SXIPro

    SOLD Jet Pilot Revolt Vest Men's XL For Sale

    New/Never worn. It is not perfect though, as it has a couple blemishes. In the pics the red arrows point to a couple small spots where the 'finish' is missing, the blue arrow points to a small 'indent' , all due to the way it was packed when it was shipped to me. It's too large for me. These...
  18. SXIPro

    Need assistance in helping out cool old dude please.

    Good morning, I have a neighbor, great guy, late 60s, just bought his first Jet Ski from another neighbor. 2007 Kawi Ultra 250x (supercharged I guess). He is very meticulous so he decided to change the plugs and also get his fuel injectors cleaned since it appeared the PO never did that. In...
  19. SXIPro

    Other Cheap and dirty wi-fi extender?

    Girlfriend has Verizon Fios with their latest wiz-bang router that is supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and still gets spotty wi-fi in certain areas of her house. It's installed in the basement next to a fireplace, next to her fuse box. Apparently the techs were too lazy to...
  20. SXIPro

    Serious question for the old guys here

    So, lately I feel like I may be heading toward early onset Alzheimers. My Dad died from it a few years back. My own story is that I can't focus for shidt and my short term memory is now non-existent. The number of times a day I walk into another room and can't remember why can be counted in the...
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