2011 Superfreak Badass

Ron McKee

Oside surf
Lake Forest, CA
Selling my 2011 SuperFreak Badass -2" glass hull/carbon hood. Ski runs great and needs nothing but a new owner with a younger body than mine.

-62t/61x Yamaha 701 motor
-Jetworks ADA girdled head w/ 35cc domes
-Factory pipe B-mod w/ jet works flow control valve
-X-metal pole w/ xmetal adjustable steering
-RRP riser bars and ODI grips
-SF ride plate
-Worx 201 intake grate
-Hooker 9/15 prop
-Primer kit and on/off/reserve for gas
-X-metal scupper w/ block off plate
-Rule 500gph automatic bilge with Start/stop switch mount
-Ratchet strap
-Flush kit
-Cold Fusion internal fill
-Throttle lever
-Handle pole spring
-Handle pole limiting cable
-Everything else is from a stock 2006 Superjet
Custom pain by Parker Airbrush

Located in Lake Havasu. Will ship at buyer's expense.
Price: $6200

As the saying goes, I'm ready to quit or sit. My old man's back can no longer tolerate the standing riding position or the pain it causes. Good news is I just picked up a blaster.


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