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Has anyone ridden a js300? Found one for fairly cheap. Want to get my 8year old a ski.. are they complete turds or would they have enough power for a 55lb rider? I’ll build him an fx1 eventually but figured a 300 would be a good start.
I have an sx300, it is (very) mildly modified, it will, with some effort, get my 220lbs up on plane, and a friend of mine who is more like 250 can get on plane with it but not easily. Another friend who is probably in the 130lb neighborhood makes it look effortless. Mine has a stainless impeller, 1.5mm over bore and "porting" by some random who probably didn't know what they were doing.

So based on that I would think an 8 year old would have no trouble. They are pretty gutless though.
I know..ocean only and out of sight

I don’t know what you are talking about


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Great ski for anyone who is learning under 150lbs! I bought mine for $300 and my 13 year old daughter has been riding it for 3 years.(started riding at 10) She went from that to my fx1, then my 2014 stock super jet, then to my 1990 square nose that’s built and prefers my buddy’s 1989 550/750 conversion.
We’re starting a build together..550sx/701 conversion with a Kawasaki 750 pump in it. Going to be a good family project!

Get the 300! It’s basically a Kawasaki 250 dirtbike motor stuffed in a JS hull. And you can always drop in a 440 or 550 motor when they out grow the 300.

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