Check out this cool Pistol.

I have a Sig Sauer p226 Mk25 Navy SEAL 50th anniversary commemorative pistol that i am considering trading.

You can only get these if you are a family member of a SEAL or a SEAL. Therefore, they are super rare and i believe will appreciate considerably.

Anyways, if its something you are interested in, let me know.

Oh and it will have to be shipped to your local FFL dealer.

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Thats my problem, its a "one-time" run and was only available to a small amount of people... i tried to see if anyone else had one for sale and i couldnt find one. Given that it is already 5 years old, I think it would be worth somewhere around 2500. And should be worth way more in another 5 years. The gun had zero rounds through it and come with the original case.

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I got a mint condition 74 ford maverick, sometimes the thought of selling it to fund my jet ski build goes through my head. I know I would feel guilty if I got rid of it for that cause. Its not like I would make bank off it either, maybe $4500 if i'm lucky.

Jet skis are cool, but don't have the value of personal belongings that mean something to you. Because once its gone, its gone. You just got a hull or parts that everyone else has. Just my opinion.

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Just change the title to something like, "Check out this incredible piece of history I have to cherish forever!".

I would never part with such a piece.
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